Riot Points Gift Card Scam: Spot and Avoid

Riot Points Gift Card Scam: Spot and Avoid
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With millions of users using different platforms and games, the online gaming community is huge and diversified. The option to use virtual money to buy in-game goods, improvements, and cosmetics is one of these games' most well-liked features. One such virtual currency utilized in the hugely famous game League of Legends is called Riot Points (RP). However, just as with any valuable item, con artists are constantly looking for new ways to take advantage of gullible gamers. A current scam of this type involves counterfeit Riot Points Gift Cards. 

In this article, we'll talk about how to recognize and avoid falling into this scam.

A Riot Points Gift Card Scam: What Is It?

Gift cards should not be used to make purchases. It's a scam as soon as someone demands payment using a gift card. Gift cards are popular among con artists because they are simple to locate and purchase. In comparison to certain other payment methods, they also offer fewer buyer safeguards. They function more like currency since once you use a gift card, the value is forfeited.

A scammer is phoning if they demand that you pay them with gift cards. Once fraudsters have your money and the gift card information and PIN, they are in control.

Spotting Scam

  • Unreasonably Cheap Prices are one of the biggest warning signs of fraud. Gift cards are frequently sold by scammers for incredibly low prices that are much lower than the going cost.
  • Unofficial or dubious websites may be used by dishonest vendors to advertise their scams. Beware of websites with poor navigation, misspellings, or URLs that slightly diverge from the Riot Games website.
  • Other than payment information, legitimate dealers of Riot Points gift cards do not request any personal information. A potential scam is indicated if the seller requests further personal information or account credentials.


Avoiding Scam

  • Buy Riot Points gift cards exclusively from accredited merchants to guarantee their legitimacy. These are renowned gaming businesses, dependable internet stores, and authorized sellers of games that are listed on the Riot Games website.
  • When buying Riot Points, stick with authorized sources. Riot Points can be purchased safely and legally via the official League of Legends website or through the game's client without the chance of falling for a scam.
  • Check the retailer's validity before buying a gift card. For assistance, see if they are listed as an authorized seller on the Riot Games website or get in touch with the game's customer service.

Be Aware!

Scammers are developing new strategies to take advantage of users as online gaming's popularity grows. One such scheme to trick unwary gamers involves Riot Points gift cards. Always keep in mind that if a deal appears too good to be true, it generally is. Keep yourself safe, have fun, and don't let fraudsters ruin your gaming experience.

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