Review Minions 2: Rise of Gru, Still Adorable and Entertaining

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Minions is back on the big screen with Minions 2: Rise of Gru, this is a continuation of the 2015 film Minions and centers on the story of Gru (Steve Carell) as an 11 year old teenager trying to achieve his dream of becoming a super villain.

The story is centered on Gru's story, but the core of the film, which is about the role of the minions who are Gru's subordinates in achieving their goals, are not lost and become an important part of this film. Taking place in the 70's in Uncle Sam's country, Gru begins his fortune as a super villain by registering himself as a member of a group of super villains called Vicious 6.

Review Minions 2: Rise of Gru, Still Adorable and Entertaining

Unexpectedly, he apparently managed to accept an interview offer to make his wish come true, but things didn't go smoothly and Gru instead turned to be the enemy of the group when he wanted to prove himself that even a child can be a super villain.

The exciting adventure of the minions finally begins after Gru is suddenly kidnapped and chased by Vicious 6. Besides the previously known minions, namely Kevin, Stuart, Bob, a new minion named Otto is also involved in this exciting adventure.

When Kevin, Stuart, and Bob study martial arts with Master Chow (Michelle Yeoh) to save Gru from his captors. Otto also goes on a long journey that is no less interesting to get a "precious object" that can guarantee the safety of Gru's life.

Gru, who became a kidnap victim, also seems to have experienced another unique journey by building friendships with the idol and former chairman of Vicious 6, Wild Knuckcles (Alan Arkin). Kyle Balda returns to take on the role of Director in the second film, titled Minions, but he is no longer with Pierre Coffin like in the first film.

Even so, you don't need to worry, because Pierre Coffin is still involved in Mimoni 2: Padouch přichází (2022) and is the voice for all the minions characters including the previously known main minions, namely Kevin, Stuart, and Bob.

Thus, the Minions' adorable voice remains a characteristic that is not lost. With a duration of 1.5 hours, Minions 2: Rise of Gru is the right formulation to churn your stomach with various actions and funny behavior from the minions.

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Quoted from ANTARA, the depiction of the three main minions characters Kevin, Stuart, and Bob still feels right to maintain the dignity of the minions as loyal followers of their masters. Kevin still plays the "brain", Stuart keeps his "bad boy" image, and Bob keeps his role as the cutest and innocent minions.

The third act also answered the audience's expectations for the minions that the world has known since a decade ago. The presence of Otto as a minions character who is very different from Kevin, Stuart, and Bob also adds to the appeal and becomes the most interesting comedy part in this film.

Otto, who is described as the cutest minions and always careless, can be said to be a stage thief and you shouldn't miss it. Entering the content, if you are a true follower of the Minions journey from Despicable Me then you are no stranger to the language that the minions use to communicate which consists of a mixture of languages ​​from various countries even to the point of slurring words that are not clear.

This time, the Minions language style has again managed to become a part of the spice of humor. For Indonesian viewers, it is certain that they will feel entertained when the minions speak a few words in Indonesian. This time the vocabulary of the language has also been added, not limited to the words "fried rice" and "thank you" as in the first "Minions" movie.

Then discussing the time setting in the 70s era, it can be said that Illumination as a production house has succeeded in attracting the right talents to create visuals, audio, and some interesting icons in "Minion 2: Rise of Gru" like the United States in the 1970s. . For example, the appearance of one of the antagonist characters from Vicious 6 named Belle Bottom whose voice is voiced by Taraji P. Henson is aptly described as having a disco-style clothing style in the 70s with bright colors which at that time was also very popular and sparkling.

The choice of songs also feels very fitting and makes this family film not boring, even for parents accompanying their children, this film may become an occasion for nostalgia with songs such as "Turn Up the Sunshine", "Instant Karma!", " Dance to the Music", and "You're No Good".

For reviewers, the "slapstick" comedy shown is both an advantage and a weakness of this film. Some of the scenes are funny when watched by people who already understand that they are just entertainment.

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But as a weakness for the audience, children aged 2-4 years, of course, they still have to be accompanied by their parents because there are some scenes such as pulling clothes or snatching items that have the potential to be imitated if they are not given an understanding.

Overall this film is very satisfying, especially for those of you who need entertainment and laugh out loud. This animation is indeed suitable if given the title as a show for All Ages (SU) because the plot is not long-winded and easy to digest.

For adults, this film can be a nostalgic alternative as well as a means to release laughter in bored times. The moral message that is displayed is simple but meaningful with the hope that the audience will know that even bad people still need friends who can be present to continue to share joys, sorrows, and make life experiences enjoyable together.

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    The minions are super cute just looking at it, I have a fluttering feeling I love them, I have minions songs that can be downloaded as phone ringtones with the minions klingelton

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