Revealing Magnificence: Indian Manufacturers of Buttweld Fittings

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Flanges made of stainless steel are crucial parts of plumbing systems because they provide tight joints, structural stability, and control over fluid flow. With KK Fittings at the forefront of this sector, India, a booming industrial powerhouse, has emerged as a prominent manufacturer of stainless-steel flanges.


  • Stainless Steel Flanges Manufacturers in India: Stainless steel flanges are essential parts of several sectors, including pharma and petrochemicals. Indian producers, like KK Fittings, are known for creating premium flanges that meet international requirements and guarantee performance and durability in a range of applications.



Revealing Magnificence: Indian Manufacturers of Buttweld Fittings


  • Stainless Steel 304 Flanges304 stainless-steel is a popular grade that is renowned for its adaptability and resistance to corrosion. Flanges made of stainless steel 304 are appropriate for uses requiring superior chemical resistance and hygienic conditions.


  • Stainless Steel 316 Flanges: 316 stainless-steel has improved corrosion resistance, which makes it perfect for applications where it is exposed to harsh conditions, such as the chemical and marine industries. Flanges made of stainless steel 316 provide long-term performance and durability.


  • Stainless Steel 316L Flanges: 316L is a low-carbon version of 316 that is intended to reduce carbide precipitation during welding. When corrosion resistance is essential and welding is necessary, stainless steel 316L flanges are recommended.


  • Duplex Flanges: The finest qualities of ferritic and austenitic stainless steels are combined to create duplex stainless steel, which is used to make duplex flanges. Industries needing great strength and resistance to corrosion are a good fit for them.


  • Duplex 2205 Flanges: Famed for its remarkable mechanical strength and resistance to corrosion, Duplex 2205 is a widely used type of duplex stainless steel. Duplex 2205 flanges find extensive use in challenging sectors such as the chemical and offshore industries.


  • Super Duplex FlangesMade of super duplex stainless steel, these flanges have exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion. They are vital parts of sectors like oil and gas exploration that work in harsh environments.



Revealing Magnificence: Indian Manufacturers of Buttweld Fittings


  • Super Duplex 2507 Flanges: Known for its remarkable resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, Super Duplex 2507 is a high-performance super duplex stainless steel. Applications needing the greatest levels of corrosion protection are well suited for Super Duplex 2507 flanges.


  • Inconel Flanges: The Inconel family of high-performance alloys is renowned for its ability to withstand harsh chemicals and temperatures. The chemical processing, power generating, and aerospace sectors all make extensive use of Inconel flanges.


  • Hastelloy Flanges: Frequently used in industries handling caustic substances, Hastelloy is an alloy that resists corrosion. Hastelloy flanges are essential for maintaining the dependability and safety of pipe systems under challenging conditions.


  • Stainless steel 304 flange Price list & Stainless steel 316 flange Price list: KK Fittings offers competitive pricing for flanges made of stainless steel 304 and 316, allowing clients to budget effectively and plan their projects effectively. Customers may make well-informed judgments thanks to this openness, which also guarantees that the highest standards of quality are maintained.


Overall, the key to ensuring smooth operations and safety in the complex world of industrial pipe systems is stainless steel flanges. These flanges are essential parts that drive industries throughout the country, and they are supported by affordable prices and respect for international standards.

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