Return to Work: See How the Workplace is Changing Like Never Before

Return to Work: See How the Workplace is Changing Like Never Before
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The majority of organizations today are changing their overall dynamics to improve the employee experience. After working from home during COVID-19, employees who are going back to the office require assurances about their physical and emotional health. 

To successfully recruit and retain their workers at the office, businesses are reinventing their layout, designs, and culture in light of the need for transformation. Employees are interested in the future of the workplace beyond COVID since many businesses have already taken various steps to make offices more interesting than ever. 

The co-founder of India's largest managed office space platform Smartworks, Harsh Binani, recently gave a view on the future of work. "Providing the greatest and most interesting work environment to sustain and enhance workers' work from office experiences has become increasingly important to businesses. According to Harsh Binani, this significant growth in the real estate industry has inspired businesses to search for the best commercial office space for lease in PAN India. 

According to Harsh Binani, there has been a rapid shift in workplace ideals between the past and the present.  

There are several benefits of Managed office spaces  

Touchless Solutions 

The staff has so far had a great experience with working remotely. The adoption and use of "touchless solutions" in managed office spaces is one of the main factors supporting this assertion. In the last two years, both general productivity and employee happiness have undoubtedly grown. To protect its employees from any physical contact that can have an adverse effect on their health, many commercial organisations have implemented touchless solutions in their workplaces. 

Redefined Workplaces: 

Many large, medium, and small businesses have found success in luring their staff back to the offices by redesigning their office environments. The offices have already been individually tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the staff by a number of top-tier coworking space providers. 

Numerous businesses that formerly used conventional methods are now searching for commercial office spaces for lease in various Indian cities. Here, the goal is to make sure that they are currently providing what today's workforce is looking for. In order to compete with the industry leaders, both seasoned businesspeople and aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for shared or managed office spaces for startups. 

Booking for Desk and Conference Room:  

The hot desking and meeting room management systems have led to one of the highest turnover rates in the workplace. The open source desk booking system allows employees to select their preferred workstations in advance. The best desk booking software enables many large and medium-sized businesses to keep track of their employees' attendance. 

Also, the online system for booking meeting rooms aids staff in scheduling meetings and sending out advance invitations to attendees to discuss ongoing projects and future plans of action. According to Harsh Binani, ideas like hot desking and meeting room management solutions are assisting businesses in achieving their set goals and objectives. 

Effective Use of Amenities: 

With modern technology at work, both employers and employees can take full advantage of the conveniences offered by the office. Following the pandemic, businesses are searching for the best commercial office spaces for lease in order to provide amenities that will enable their personnel to carry out everyday operations without error. 

The general mental health and work environment of the employees are significantly impacted by workplace amenities. In contrast to prior times, the list of office facilities in 2022 is different. Many upscale office perks are available in a lot of coworking and managed office locations, including: 

IoT-Enabled Conference and Meeting Rooms 

  1. Smart Retailers 
  2. Pantries and cafeterias 
  3. Sleeping Rooms 
  4. Game areas 
  5. Rooms for managing anger 
  6. Rooms for virtual reality 
  7. Spaces for collaboration and lounge areas 

Procedure for Streamlining Access: 

Companies are increasingly expediting the process of access control, whether for employees or visitors, in order to eliminate any unwanted human contact and the spread of the disease. Modern physical access control systems are loaded with cutting-edge technology to make sure nobody has to stand in long lines to gain entry. Companies can track employee check-in and check-out times to gauge productivity by using a door access control system. 

Life-Work Balance: 

Work-life balance is a bigger problem in today's workforce. According to Harsh Binani, businesses are currently changing their operating procedures to assist staff members in juggling work and personal obligations. The business sector is improving steadily as a result of corporations taking work-life balance issues and solutions seriously. The overall psychology and consistent performance of the employees are significantly impacted by work-life balance. 

These are a few of the components that enable organisations to tailor their workplace to the needs and expectations of their workforce. Coworking and managed office spaces are ergonomically created so that businesses can enhance their employees' ability to work from home. 

The employees' priorities have already been impacted by their fear of safety and welfare. Many large and medium-sized businesses have failed to convince their employees to return to the office. Why? Simply because today's workforce prioritises their mental health and work-life balance in addition to the financial perks. This is one of the main reasons businesses are looking for commercial office space for lease as they revamp their workplace cultures to bring back as many employees as possible. 

"Live your passion. Enjoy bringing your idea to life and having the creative freedom to build from scratch." - Harsh Binani

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