Remodeling Your Kitchen With an Island Floorplan and Louvered Cabinets

Remodeling Your Kitchen With an Island Floorplan and Louvered Cabinets
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07 February 2023

An island kitchen is a concept that includes a centrally-located countertop mostly used for preparing food and other cooking needs. The basic purpose of an island kitchen is to provide an adequate seating area, ample storage, and modern touch to your kitchen.

Basically, you can go with a floor plan having 10x10 feet of minimum kitchen area. When you are unable to handle the clutter in your kitchen, an island kitchen can be a great option for you.If you want to hire professional remodelers to remodel kitchen San Jose, then you should hire Esperto Builders. So, let us understand how you can design a kitchen island with louvered cabinets with the expert kitchen remodelers.

Mark the area for the installation of the DIY kitchen

First, your home remodeling contractors mark the position where the island kitchen will be placed. Then the measurements of its dimensions are taken. 

Assemble your kitchen cabinets

You can build new kitchen cabinets or upgrade your old kitchen cabinets by applying a fresh coat of paint on them. You can also purchase readymade kitchen island cabinets based on the measurements taken. 

Then, you can mount the cabinets on the spot you have marked out for your kitchen island. Then check the level of your cabinets and ensure they are placed in symmetry. You can adjust their level by twisting their feet. 

Fix the two kitchen cabinets together

You can fix the two cabinets together by fastening the clamps on them. Then, you can attach the cabinets with the help of screws by using the pre-drilled holes on them.  

Construct the outer walls of your island

Cut the plywood to fit the length and width of your side panels. You can follow this procedure to construct the front panel. 

Fix the side and back panels to the floor and cabinets

Place the panels into the cabinets and screw two L-shaped brackets to their feet to support your panels. Then, you need to clamp the panels to the cabinets and position the back panel in between them. Attach the three panels with the help of duct tape. 

Place the brackets within the space and do enclose them by the island. Do not place the brackets behind or outside the island.  

You can use tape to level the brackets. Make sure the back panel does not go beyond the side panels. You can adjust them accordingly if they are not in symmetry. 

Attach the panels to the floor

After holding all the parts together with duct tape, you need to assemble the sides and back panel. You can slide the cabinets out from the panels and then attach the L-shaped brackets at their feet. 

Install the new louvered kitchen cabinet

Now, you can slide the cabinets back into the open space and keep them between the side and back panels. Screw the cabinets to the back panels by using more L-shaped brackets. 

Louvered cabinets are good for airflow. So, they can be perfect for the areas that has high humidity level. This can give a classy and attractive look to the kitchen area.

Attach the side panels to the base cabinets

Drill through the stock cabinets from the inside on the previously marked nail holes. Do not drill holes that exceed the diameter of the screws to ensure they are tightly fixed to the holes. 

Screw through the end panels to attach your cupboard doors. Then you can start fitting the plinth to the bottom of your island kitchen. 

Attach the plinth to the bottom of the cabinet

Place the plinth at the front of your cabinets. Then start marking the center points of the feet on the board. Then fit four brackets to the board; two at both ends and two at the middle of it. 


If you have installed a kitchen island then make the most of it by using this space to store your kitchen essentials. Sometimes, we leave the kitchen island and do not add storage cabinets to it, which is a common mistake made by house owners. 

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