Reliable Professional-Cloud-Developer Exam Questions, Professional-Cloud-Developer Valid Test Tutorial

Reliable Professional-Cloud-Developer Exam Questions, Professional-Cloud-Developer Valid Test Tutorial
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Google Professional-Cloud-Developer is a widely known and respected certification exam aimed at Cloud Developers who are interested in advancing their skills in building and deploying applications on Google Cloud. With this certification, professionals demonstrate their efficiency in developing applications, as well as the ability to design, test, deploy, and maintain them. The Google Certified Professional - Cloud Developer certificate is granted to those who pass the exam, which is widely accepted by businesses and organisations that use Google Cloud.

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Google Certified Professional - Cloud Developer passleader free questions & Professional-Cloud-Developer valid practice dumps

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Google Certified Professional - Cloud Developer Sample Questions (Q218-Q223):

Your company has a data warehouse that keeps your application information in BigQuery. The BigQuery data warehouse keeps 2 PBs of user dat a. Recently, your company expanded your user base to include EU users and needs to comply with these requirements:
Your company must be able to delete all user account information upon user request.
All EU user data must be stored in a single region specifically for EU users.
Which two actions should you take? (Choose two.)

  • A. Re-upload your data using to a Cloud Dataflow pipeline by filtering your user records out.
  • B. Create a dataset in the EU region that will keep information about EU users only.
  • C. Create a Cloud Storage bucket in the EU region to store information for EU users only.
  • D. Use DML statements in BigQuery to update/delete user records based on their requests.
  • E. Use BigQuery federated queries to query data from Cloud Storage.

Answer: C,D

Your team is developing an application in Google Cloud that executes with user identities maintained by Cloud Identity. Each of your application's users will have an associated Pub/Sub topic to which messages are published, and a Pub/Sub subscription where the same user will retrieve published messages. You need to ensure that only authorized users can publish and subscribe to their own specific Pub/Sub topic and subscription. What should you do?
Reliable Professional-Cloud-Developer Exam Questions, Professional-Cloud-Developer Valid Test Tutorial

  • A. Bind the user identity to the pubsub.publisher and pubsub.subscriber roles at the resource level.
  • B. Grant the user identity a custom role that contains the pubsub.topics.create and pubsub.subscriptions.create permissions.
  • C. Configure the application to run as a service account that has the pubsub.publisher and pubsub.subscriber roles.
  • D. Grant the user identity the pubsub.publisher and pubsub.subscriber roles at the project level.

Answer: B

You manage an application that runs in a Compute Engine instance. You also have multiple backend services executing in stand-alone Docker containers running in Compute Engine instances. The Compute Engine instances supporting the backend services are scaled by managed instance groups in multiple regions. You want your calling application to be loosely coupled. You need to be able to invoke distinct service implementations that are chosen based on the value of an HTTP header found in the request. Which Google Cloud feature should you use to invoke the backend services?

  • A. Internal HTTP(S) Load Balancing
  • B. Traffic Director
  • C. Service Directory
  • D. Anthos Service Mesh

Answer: A

You need to copy directory local-scripts and all of its contents from your local workstation to a Compute Engine virtual machine instance.
Which command should you use?

  • A. gcloud compute scp --project "my-gcp-project" --recurse ~/local-scripts/ gcpinstance- name:~/server-scripts/ --zone "us-east1-b"
  • B. gsutil cp --project "my-gcp-project" -r ~/local-scripts/ gcp-instance-name:~/ server-scripts/ --zone "us-east1-b"
  • C. gsutil cp --project "my-gcp-project" -R ~/local-scripts/ gcp-instance-name:~/ server-scripts/ --zone "us-east1-b"
  • D. gcloud compute mv --project "my-gcp-project" --recurse ~/local-scripts/ gcpinstance- name:~/server-scripts/ --zone "us-east1-b"

Answer: A


You want to migrate an on-premises container running in Knative to Google Cloud. You need to make sure that the migration doesn't affect your application's deployment strategy, and you want to use a fully managed service. Which Google Cloud service should you use to deploy your container?

  • A. Cloud Run
  • B. Compute Engine
  • C. Google Kubernetes Engine
  • D. App Engine flexible environment

Answer: A



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Professional-Cloud-Developer Valid Test Tutorial:

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