Relationship Myths That Can Negatively Affect Your Relationship

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We all enter a relationship having our own beliefs of what a good relationship is and how we are supposed to feel in that relationship. These assumptions and beliefs not only determine our behavior in the relationship, but they also form the basis of assessing our relationship satisfaction. This shall also include our views about the long-term compatibility of our partners.

Before you try to take any therapy counseling to improve your relationship, here are some relationships myths that you must get rid of: 

1. If I leave this relationship, I will my Mr. or Ms. Right: There can be couples who do not belong together. However, a majority of these not-the-right-person complaints are rooted in unrealistic expectations. 

2. Two people in good relationship will automatically grow closer with time: A long-term relationship requires attention, vigilance, forethought and planning. Nothing happens naturally here. 

3. When couples argue, it destroys the relationship: Arguments are a sign that the couple is working on making the relationship better. Couples who do not recognize and confront their problems can distance themselves from each other. Fighting fair can be a positive force in a relationship.

4. Pursuing individual needs is incompatible, with making a couple or marriage relationship work. Happy couples always learn to maintain a certain amount of balance between togetherness and separateness, autonomy and independence. If things are screwed overtime, they can be re-balanced, the way you rebalance your portfolio every year. 

If you feel, it is time for therapy counselling, talk to us.

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