Reasons To Choose Curved Canopies

Reasons To Choose Curved Canopies
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04 December 2022

A curved roof can be installed on both free-standing and lean-to canopies. This is usually a gentle curve but it can sometimes look more like a barrel vault. Photos of both options are available in the gallery. You will also find photos of both multiwall and solid-colored polycarbonate that can be used for glazing curved roofs. The choice of product depends on the exact dimensions of the curve and the overall size and preference of the roof.

A curved canopy is often fitted with round fixing posts to help keep the design consistent.

A lean-to canopy that has a curved roof can be 5.5m wide from the wall to where the fixing posts are located. Please note that any item that exceeds 4m in length will require additional roof framing lattices or trusses. If a curved roof is attached to a freestanding canopy, the maximum width is 10.

What Is A Curving Roof Canopy?

Canopies with curved roofs can double as stylish and functional canopies. Motiva Mono, Motiva Double, and Motiva Wave all make up the Motiva range of polycarbonate roof canopies. They can be customized to fit the radius you have. They are a popular choice for outdoor school canopies and dining area canopies.

Our monopitch (asymmetrical) curved roof canopy, the Motiva Mono, is called Motiva Mono. It is designed to fit against building elevations. Therefore, one side of the roof is usually higher than the other.

A symmetrically curved roof canopy is often used as a shelter. This is when both sides are equal in height. It is often used to cover walkways in gardens, schools, and colleges.

This third design is perhaps the most unique. The Motiva Wave, a curved polycarbonate roof, offers all the benefits and quality of the standard design but has a double curve (or 'S') radius. This canopy structure is ideal for people who have a low roofline or want a freestanding canopy.


These are the benefits of a curved canopy design:

  • Excellent protection against the elements, especially wind.
  • These canopy structures can be built at low heights and are easy to construct.
  • Roof panels require very little maintenance and can be saved time.

The Advantages Of A Curved Canopy:

1. Offers Shelter And Shade

Many homes have patios that provide shelter but no shelter. A canopy can be added to your home to add beauty and shelter.

2. Protection From The Sunlight

You can shield your home from harmful UV radiation by installing a canopy. The canopy helps keep the area cool and protects it from the sun.

3. Privacy:

Privacy is another reason the canopy is in high demand. People add canopies to their backyards or Front Entrances Just for privacy.

4. Cost Savings:

A canopy can help you save money. A canopy can be a great way to lower your AC bills. A canopy will protect you from the sun and help keep your home cool.

5. Protection From External Elements

Home is our most important asset and it must be maintained. A canopy can be an excellent addition to your home to protect it from the elements. Schools, hospitals, and other places are increasingly using outdoor canopies.

6. Increase The Value Of Your Property

A canopy can also increase your home's value. A canopy, pergola, or patio can give your home a modern look and enhance the beauty of your home.

7. Low Maintenance:

The canopy does not need to be maintained. There are many options for canopy materials. Polycarbonate canopy requires minimal maintenance.

8. Spend More Time In The Back Yard:

Our backyard is a place we all enjoy spending time with our families. A canopy can transform the look of your backyard. A canopy can be used to host parties or relax with your family. A canopy provides shade and protection from the sun during the summer heat, as well as cooling shade in winter.

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