Real Estate Investment: Key Investment Merits to consider!

Real Estate Investment: Key Investment Merits to consider!

Are you a first-time investor? Do you have any experience in investing before? If you do not, you should consider some key merits before you get into Real Estate Investment in Toronto.

Real estate investment is the popular investment choice in the market right now, and it is wide-spreading for most individuals and businesses. Due to long-term stability and return potential real estate investment, it is widely considered the most secure choice.

However, to derive which property can provide you with secured results, you should know its prime merits, as real estate is a valuable addition to your investment portfolio.

Your portfolio will overflow with long-term appreciation potentiality, diversification, tangible asset ownership, leverage, tax benefits, inflation protection, and steady cash flow. Although like investment options, it also has potential drawbacks and risks.

It would help if you considered below given key merits of real estate investment in Markham.

1- Capitalization or CAP rate

The main key merit considered for investment in real estate is the CAP rate or capitalization. With the CAP rate method, you can derive your return on investment for the property.

It is calculated by dividing the property’s value by the net operating income (NOI). Your investment property is an attractive choice if your CAP rate is higher. It is a sole merit, do not derive your decision based on one merit.

2- Cash Flow

One of the biggest advantages you can incur before investing in real estate is managing and monitoring your cash flow. It allows you to derive the future cash flow you will incur from the investment.

For a business or an individual to derive a real estate investment in Toronto decision based on a cash flow statement is ideal as it shows the liquidity status. It calculates the difference between expenses and income for your property investment.

3- Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR)

It is a financial merit used to derive evaluation on an investment property. The best coverage ratio determines the ability to cover debt obligations by generating enough cash flow.

This key merit is essential as it provides insight into the financial capability of investment, especially its ability to recover a debt.

Generally, if you are an investor, you should prefer to invest in properties with a DCR higher than 1.25 to ensure that the investment can handle unexpected changes and expenses in the market. 

To wrap it up

These are key merits important for an investor to consider while evaluating the investment’s potentiality. You should go through these points if you want to know if your investment choice can generate reliable returns.

To explore real estate investment in Markham in-depth, book an appointment with Imperial Capital Developments Corp. We offer your investment or property solutions for your desired action. We claim to be the right choice if you want to sell or buy anything relating to a property. 

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