React Native Support & Maintenance Development Company

React Native Support & Maintenance Development Company
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What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook and a large community. React Native uses JavaScript to create applications for Android & iOS platforms.

Facebook created a React native for making the development process easier & foster a more comfortable user experience that would allow for building a web interface with JavaScript.

How much does a React native app maintenance cost?

While talking about the elements of mobile application development costs, there are a number of factors that affects the cost to react native application development such as app discovery cost & app development cost as discussed below:

  1. Complexity of the App

It is necessary that every application present in the stores can be divided into three segments such as low complexity, medium-complexity, & high-complexity applications. These segments depend on the following factors.

  • Development Architecture Model:

Back-end development provides us with two options those are Custom & BaaS. Whereas in the custom process clients get their own mobile app architecture while in BaaS they work as per ready-made back-end architecture.

  • Admin Panel Development:

From the Admin Panel, one can manage the application and keep track of the activities such as view statistics, update content without react-native builders, and many more. The richer features the admin panel has the more an application rises in the complexity chart.

  • Third-Party Integration:

Your application should be user-friendly by interacting with other application functions for making the login & payment process easier.

The integration becomes more complex when one has to build a React native app over a native application.

  • In-App Purchase:

The in-App purchase function is one of the most popular in the industry today but its inclusion is not easy so the more in-app purchase option you provide, the more complex your React native application would become.

  • Use of Device’s In-Built Features:

Today in the tech-trendy world, smartphones & tablets have a number of useful features such as GPS, Bluetooth, Barometers, and much more that can be linked with an app for better performance.

  • Integration with Legacy System:

There are applications that have to be connected with an in-house legacy system in the case of enterprise applications. These apps type by default fall under medium to high complexity scale, as they are not stand-alone.

  1. User Authorization

In case you are creating a mobility solution that requires user login or authorization, the cost to build an app with react native would be slightly higher than one which does not require the user to sign-up.

  1. App Category

While moving from one app to another app category the number of elements changes such as security considerations, functional set, real-time users, etc. A standalone app will cost a lot less compared to a feature-rich on-demand app thus changing with these intricacies is the React Native app development cost.

  1. Focus on Hardware

React native app development has greater pricing by connecting with the number of the hardware. While developing an IoT app is still easy under the Native approach, achieving the same with React Native is difficult in terms of the attached development complexity.

  1. App Design

Ensuring that the user spends maximum time on your app calls for a well-devised design strategy but designing screens & experience that is bound to hold users' attention is quite expensive in terms of cost. The cost to design a mobile app in the case of React native app development is less expensive compared to native app design cost, for anyone app version needs to be designed.

  1. App Maintenance

When it comes to app launch it required more cost and you have to update it on a daily bases to keep up with user’s expectations. Application maintenance is based on three individual processes Design changes, bug fixing, and Application updates. The app maintenance cost estimate is usually calculated yearly as 20% of the complete React native application development cost.

  1. Team Size

The cost to hire React native app developer differs in three ways given below:

  • You can Hire React Native freelancer developers
  • You can associate with a mid-cap company
  • You can partner with a high-cap company

Generally hiring freelancers to develop your React Native project will be cost-effective but it will not provide you with a good quality output. In case you opt for a high-cap company then the base price would be very high because that is how they sustain in the market.

You should go with a mid-. Cap Company because they will charge you in a cost-effective manner and are more open to an innovative app idea compared to the highly expensive companies in the market.

Hire React Native Developers is one of the best business transformation companies mainly involved in providing the best services related to React Native support & maintenance.

Reliable react-native maintenance and also support services for the mobile apps & web which are mainly built on this specific framework are usually provided by our dedicated expert developers.


Our team is involved in collaborating with many trusted clients that offer dependable services that mainly guarantee maximum downtime & efficiency for most of the business apps at any particular point in time.

We also provide app maintenance & emergency support for the purpose of ensuring the apps perform to perfection. You can simply depend on the maintenance and support services provided by our expert team of developers

Hire React Native developer provides you with professional react native support & maintenance service providers. We also provide the best solutions that are related to these react-native support & maintenance where we always cater to the specific & carrying needs of the clients.

The expert services hire React native developers provide to the clients are as follows:

  • Completely Devoted Team

We have a team of dedicated developers that provides you with the best solutions by understanding the purpose of your goal and providing you with the best possible result.

  • High-Class Support & Maintenance

We perfectly perform our client various maintenance tasks in order to provide a great user experience and by adding the new features from the bug resolution it will be easier to provide great results. For managing a specific mobile app we do provide constant maintenance as well.

  • Reduced Development Team

Our React native team can perform development on both iOS apps and Android apps at the same speed so that we can provide our clients with a fully developed app in a short span of time.

  • Real Expertise

Our skilled team of React native experts is trained in a rigorous way for the purpose of developing the best mobile apps by the usage of React native app development.

Summing Up

Scale your business on top by hiring our dedicated React native developers. We will help you set up a complete dedicated mobile application team in a short time. Get in touch with our team of business consultants to know the range to expect depending on your application requirement.

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