Pump Up Production With Piston Fillers From Accutek Packaging

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When you need to package viscous liquids or products with particulates, a piston filler from Accutek Packaging is the perfect solution. Our piston filling machines use a pumping action to accurately fill predetermined amounts of thick, chunky products.

How Piston Fillers Work

Piston fillers use a stainless steel piston and cylinder to pump product through hoses into containers. The fill amount is controlled by adjusting the piston stroke length. Changeover is tool-free and quick.

Thick, Viscous Products? No Problem

Accutek's piston fillers are ideal for pastes, creams, gels, nut butters, sauces with particulates, jams, cosmetics, and thick personal care products. The pumps can handle viscosities up to 1 million cP! Even products with large chunks and particulates flow smoothly.

Simple, Sanitary Design

Our piston fillers feature heavy-duty stainless steel frames and food grade contact parts. The fill heads are easy to access and disassemble for cleaning and maintenance. No special tools needed!

Customized Filling Solutions

With over 30 years of packaging experience, Accutek Packaging Equipment Company can design a piston filling system tailored to your unique product and container. From single head benchtop units to high-speed rotary systems, we have you covered.

Rely on Accutek for your viscous filling needs. Our experts are ready to help you pump up production and profits!

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