Pros and Cons of Android App Development For Your Business

Pros and Cons of Android App Development For Your Business
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Pros and Cons of Android App Development For Your Business 

If you are looking for an Android app development company, there are several options available to companies. You can build the app yourself or contact an Android development team as there are numerous Android development service providers in the market. But how to avoid common mistakes when choosing the one your business needs? Here are some pros and cons of using Android app development to help you make an informed decision.

What is Android Application Development?

Android is a popular open-source mobile operating system that is well-known to everyone. It has a large global user base and appears to have a streamlined development process.

Because Android apps meet customer goals and increase business value, Android-based products are used to achieve personal and corporate objectives.

Android absorbs about 80% of the market share of all mobile operating systems. It constantly expands the geographic and demographic range of its users. In 2019, the number of active Android devices was 2.5 billion around the globe. .

What Are the Benefits of Android Development?

Android is always compared to Apple, this is their fate, from which they cannot escape. Let's break down the basics of Android development and define where Android beats iOS.

1. Learning Resources

Google provides developers with their own Android developer training for beginners and experienced engineers. The well-structured materials are accompanied by animations, graphics, interactive exercises and video explanations. There are three streams included in the training program: Android Basics, Kotlin Boot Camp, and Native Apps with Flutter.

You need to hire app developers in India who have an official Google developer certification for your Android app development project.

2. Hardware Independence

Android development runs in Java. It makes the process cross-platform. Android development tools like Android Studio, Fabric, Eclipse, and others can be used and downloaded on Windows, macOS, and Linux. To create an iOS app, you'll need a Mac or a virtual machine.

3. A Simple Application Acceptance Process

Google and Apple have different approaches to quality assurance. You probably know that the Apple App Store is very selective about its published apps, it evaluates apps more strictly. Google's review system favors almost everyone. Google is open to new content that allows an MVP to launch or an older version of an app to gather feedback faster.

4. A High Level of Security

The Android platform is extremely safe. It meets the security needs of many organizations because it has built-in protections against malware and viruses.

5. Adaptability

Android application development is in the Java language, which makes it possible to target various platforms such as Ubuntu and Symbian. This is one of the reasons to use Android Application Engineering over others, as it ensures the smart allocation of resources.

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What Are the Drawbacks of Developing Android Apps for Businesses?

Here in this section, we will reveal the major disadvantages of Mobile app development services for your business. Let's take a quick look:

1. Security Issues

As we know that Android is an open-source operating system, and developers can customize a platform based on tasks and specifications. On the other hand, open-source code makes it vulnerable to all sorts of security threats. It is the responsibility of the developers to provide the development process and the application itself with a sufficient level of security through encryption.

2. No One-Size-Fits-All User Interface

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is the absence of a consistent user interface that can provide an equally easy user experience across all devices. Google has yet to come up with a set of rules to guide mobile app developers. In turn, the developers also do not adhere to any specific rules. There is a point as to why one of the disadvantages of Android app development is the inability of mobile apps to provide all devices with an equally convenient UX.

How to deal with this? Simply hire a developer in India, to ensure UI consistency across devices and use a responsive template and test the app incrementally across different platforms.

3. API Incompatibility

Often, in order to make an application more functional, many developers resort to integrating many third-party APIs. However, not all APIs are suitable for all operating systems, which causes compatibility issues.

4. Low Purchasing Power of the User

Developing an app or game for a large or growing market is the right choice. With that said, it's important to note that the majority of Android device users are in low-income countries, and quite possibly a credit card doesn't exist. That audience is unlikely to be able to buy a paid app. The optimal solution for them is a free app with ads inside.

5. Poor Visibility

The Google Play store has a large number of apps for users to choose from. At the same time, free ones are preferred over paid ones. This means that you need to come up with a marketing strategy on how to monetize the app to get ahead of the competition from time to time.

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Final Thoughts

As we have done so far, Android app development has many complexities. However, Android apps and devices continue to spread and take over the world.

Modern Android solutions have a gradual rollout, diverse markets, and flexible rules for product approval. They provide real SEO benefits.

Android app development is expected to grow in the near future. Problems will also grow, but you will be able to find ways to prevent or minimize them if you hire android developers in India. Hopefully, this post has provided you with the basic facts about the pros and cons of Android development.

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