Primary Growth Checks Before You Start Orthodontic Treatment

Primary Growth Checks Before You Start Orthodontic Treatment
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Do you know that your child should be taken to an orthodontist as early as at the age of 7? While it may seem daunting for you and your child to bear the sight of those sharp orthodontic appliances, these appointments are necessary to ensure a healthy mouth for your child. If you are planning to visit an experienced orthodontist in Novato, we are sure these first appointments will be free of charge. These initial visits to an orthodontist allow the specialist to examine your child’s oral growth and development and to also ensure that he or she do not delay in starting an orthodontic treatment.

What exactly is a growth check appointment?

Just because you have been called for a growth check appointment, it doesn’t mean your child will be given braces or Invisalign in Novato. Braces are given to any child only after the age of 11 or 12. It happens once all the baby teeth are gone and permanent teeth have developed and the dentures are complete in the mouth of your child. Hence, the growth check appointments help your orthodontist in Novato to stay on top of changes occurring in a child’s mouth.

When you take your child for such visits, know that your orthodontist will deal with your child in a relaxed setting. During the first visit, it will be a quick evaluation of the denture anatomy of your child. If the orthodontist finds something strange, he might ask you to get some more examinations done.

Besides braces and Invisalign, there are many dental appliances such as palatial expanders that are given to the children so that they improve their bite in an early age.

What does an orthodontist look for during your visit?

There are a variety of things that an orthodontist in Novato will be looking for when seeing your child at their annual growth check appointments. Some of these include underbites, excessive spacing, crossbites, and missing teeth. They shall also look for extra teeth, crowding, impacted teeth, and so on.

All of these conditions are commonly seen in orthodontics and do not necessarily mean that your child will need to get started with braces or Invisalign. Crossbites are the most common problem diagnosed in younger children and your orthodontist will take care of that during this age only. The early intervention will save your child to wear braces at the young age.

If you are still confused about taking growth check appointments for your child, you can discuss the same with our orthodontist. We know it can be overwhelming to bring your child to our clinic, it is surely going to help your child in the long run.

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