Pocket Square Etiquettes You Should Never Miss

Pocket Square Etiquettes You Should Never Miss
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No matter if it is a recent fetish of using men pocket squares or you have years of experience; maintaining the basic etiquette is very important. While a pocket square is a small rectangular cloth fitting in your jacket's chest pocket, wearing it right adds sparkles of style to your personality.

Many people confuse a pocket square with their handkerchief, but no, you cannot use your pocket square as a handkerchief. So, why add this additional piece of cloth item to your overall Bandhgala look? Well, simply for fashion!!

General rules to choose the perfect pocket square –

Pocket squares are a wonderful addition to your style statement but choosing the right one can be tricky. With so many varieties and styles, it can get challenging to pick the most compatible pocket square with your outfit.

Here are some simple and basic rules that you can follow to look your very best with the perfect pocket square:

1.    The primary color of your pocket square should be any secondary color of your shirt or tie.

2.    Avoid overdoing the patterns.

3.    Choose the pocket square folds according to the occasion.

4.    Stick to the basic measurements of the pocket square. For example – when wearing a silk pocket square, ensure to keep it over 40 cm X 40 cm, as any smaller dimension will slip off.

5.    Avoid directly matching your tie and pocket square.

6.    When in any kind of doubt, choose a white pocket square. Trust us, it goes well with everything and anything.

Should you match your tie and pocket square?

The simple answer to this is – NO!

Though, it may seem an easy choice to match your tie and pocket square but doing the same is generally not suggested. If you want to be remembered as a well-dressed man, never make the mistake of choosing your tie and pocket square of the same color.

Well, the main idea and purpose of using a pocket square is to complement the overall look. Thus, it is suggested to keep it in contrast with the other accessories of your Bandhgala suit.

Ideally, you should choose a pocket square that is one shade lighter or darker than the core color of your outfit. Try to attract the right attention to your pocket square by focusing on all the required details.

The common fabrics for pocket squares –

As you plan to choose men pocket square for the next occasion, here are some of the most popular pocket square fabrics you can trust:

1.    Silk: the most popular choice for a luxurious feel, acts like a vibrant canvas for different color shades.

2.    Wool and silk combination: a lightweight yet luxurious feel, suitable for all suit fabric and styles including Bandhgala and others, and wrinkle resistant.

3.    Linen: lightweight, wear/tear-resistant but requires frequent ironing to avoid wrinkles.

4.    Cotton: affordable, lack the vitality of other high-quality materials.

Final Thoughts:

Men pocket square is the ideal choice to add a splash of style and charm to your outfit. If you are looking for the best pocket squares, Rathore.com is your one-stop destination. Be it any occasion, you can find the perfect pocket square you need.

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