Pediatric Eye Care: Why Is It Important?

Pediatric Eye Care: Why Is It Important?


Pediatric eye care is paramount for the visual departure of your child's vision and the ocular health to be perfect by all means. This is the fact that children's eyes keep on developing and screening of eye health problems in early age can result to preventing of future vision complications. Improve your kids eye health with best pediatric eye doctor in thane. Today we will be discussing pediatric ophthalmology, beginning with its significance and the role it play in vision and overall health of your kid.

What is Pediatric Eye Care?

Pediatric eye care is the unique area of ophthalmology which particularly focuses on the provision of medical care and therapy for children whose eyes and visual systems are in the developing process. It is a comprehensive one that comprises of preventing eye conditions through regular eye exams, diagnosing and treating eye conditions and monitoring of eye health and vision development from early age of youth to adolescent stage. A good pediatric eye care


is for diagnosing and treating visual defects early, keeping a tabs on eye health as well as optimal eye function. Furthermore, it can not only contribute to educational achievements, but also help the beginnings of learning’s and the growth of child as a vision is an important in child development. Pediatric eye care is a specialized branch of ophtalmology practiced by pediatric ophthalmologists and pediatric optometrists who have received training in pediatric opthalmology.

The Importance of Pediatric Eye Care:

1. Early Detection of Vision Problems: Regular eye exams can efficiently spot vision problems onset, which gives in time for fitness to start and solve the problem. The majority of sighting problems that babies can have can be resolved, if they have been identified early enough. For instance, amblyopia (lazy eye
) and strabismus (cross-eyed) can be corrected when discovered at an appropriate age. Get best guidance for your kids vision, book your appointment now at best eye hospital in kalyan.

2. Prevention of Vision Loss:
While a lot of eye diseases can be treated fairly well, yet others can cause permanent visual impairments if left untreated. Frequent vision exams will provide an opportunity to discover and treat problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, and ROP ( retinopathy of prematurity) before
 the loss of vision will take place.

3. Promotion of Academic Success:
Clear vision is a very important factor in the terms of student's' success. If preschoolers do not undergo eye examinations and the visual issues were left uncorrected, they would possibly experience problems with reading, writing, and mastery of the subject matter and their academic performance may be affected. Red eye examinations on regular basis will be able to keep the eye vision of the child (for learning pupose) would be at the highest level.

4. Detection of Systemic Diseases: The other important reason for children eye exams is early detection of undiscovered systemic diseases that may also jeopardize your child’s sight and health. Highly detectable issues including diabetes or high blood pressure can be diagnosed during the eye exam, thus early treatment and management of the problem can be carried out.

5. Development of Visual Skills: Apart from the obvious advantages of vision, which include the development of visual skills like eye-tracking, eye-teaming and focusing, pediatric eye care is equally necessary for the well-being of children. These abilities are essential for reading, writing and other visual tasks, which provide a foundation for the educational process and all one’s routine. Develop your kids visuals skills and eye sights with help of best eye specialist doctor.

When to Start Pediatric Eye Care:

Infant eye care perfectly fills out by the very commencement of the child's life, when the optometrist recommends the first eye exam done at around six months of age. This initial eye exam can serve as a tool to spot any early signs referable to eye problems and to way watch, if the child has a normal eye development. Then annual eye tests should be scheduled at age three and before going into kindergarten, callback exams should be booked with eye doctors as necessary. Improve your kids vision at best eye hospital in thane
Common Pediatric Eye Conditions:
Some common pediatric eye conditions that may be detected during a pediatric eye exam include:

1. Refractive Errors: A common case of vision errors in children is the myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. Such cases can be easily remedied with eyeglasses and contacts.

2. Amblyopia (Lazy Eye): Strabismus or the deviation of one eye in a direction different from the other, causes amblyopia and as a result leads to the disability in the affected eye. Detection and treatment in a timely way is a topmost priority since untreated advancement of the eye condition leads to vision loss.

3. Strabismus (Crossed Eyes): Strabismus is a disease that prevents the eyes from looking in the same direction, just like they are not aligned. This could eventually lead to misalignment of the eyes and cause more vision problems such as double vision if not addressed as medication is administered.

4. Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye): Red eye is another name for conjunctivitis; as it is an inflammation of the conjunctiva- the thin, transparent layer that covers the white part of the eye. It is dominant in children and it is caused by infection, allergies, or dust and fumes.

5. Blocked Tear Ducts: Infant condition of tear ducts jamming can happen for a number of reasons like excessive tearing, discharge of mucus, and irritation. Treatment can include massaging the tear duct as well as going through surgical procedures, which is especially applicable when the lacrimal drip is very bad.



Pediatric ophthalmology is as important as an infant's growth and proper development. Vision issues, or other eye problems, might cause inability to concentrate and impair an education flow. Do proper and routine eye checkups of your kids for their kids at best eye hospital in dombivli. Having routine eye checkups can be very helpful at detecting and/or treating vision problems, avoiding total loss of vision as well as promoting a child’s performance in school. Through the providing of suitable primary eye health services for children, it is ensured that their vision is more optimally up to the learning environment and the daily activities. To improve your childs vision get in touch with best eye specialist in thane, Book your appointment now at Anil Eye Hospital with personal care and advanced technology.

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