Patented Vapor Delivery Device

Patented Vapor Delivery Device
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The vapor delivery device of the invention is designed to provide an appropriate amount of vaporizable substance. A detachable dosing cartridge that includes an oven designed to hold a vaporizable substance and airflow vents to allow the vapor to flow to a delivery port makes up the vapor delivery device. 

A detachable dosage cartridge with an oven is part of a vapor delivery device used to provide a dose of vaporizable material. A substance that may be vaporized is contained in the oven, and at least one oven vent is set designed to allow vapor to escape and reach a delivery port. The dosing cartridge and the oven can be separated. 

A dosage of the vaporizable substance may be contained inside a sealed detachable dose cartridge or oven. The patented vapor delivery device may hold liquid, prepackaged, sustainable, resin, and resin-based products. To greatly reduce vapor escaping from the oven chamber, the oven vent or vents are designed to be either sealed or covered. 

To confine vapor inside the oven, an oven chamber or oven closure may be designed to spin. In a different implementation, a plunger is used to confine vapor inside an oven. The application of vaporizers to create a vapor for therapeutic reasons is growing in popularity as a result of how much less harmful smoke is created when materials are vaporized as opposed to being burned conventionally. 

There are several portable vaporizers on the market, but they all have serious shortcomings. The majority of vaporizers are intended to only work with a specific kind of vaporizable substance, such as organic material or resin, and not liquids.

The container used to hold vaporizable substances is often significantly bigger than what is needed to hold a dosage of vaporizable substance. Because there is a lot of free space surrounding the vaporizable substance that absorbs heat, vaporizers do not effectively heat the vaporizable material. 

To create a dosage of vapor, this inefficient heating of the vaporizable substance necessitates a longer heating duration. Sometimes, it might take up to five minutes for a dosage to be available for a user.

Additionally, improper heating forces vaporizers to spend a lot of electricity to heat the vaporizable substance, which rapidly reduces battery life. Additionally, pharmaceutical vaporizable dosages with a certain size, shape, and in some circumstances, tamper-proof properties, may become increasingly common. 

These prepared dosages cannot be accepted by and effectively vaporized by current vaporizers. Vaporizers have a built-in heating element; thus, the vaporizable substance may not be in the heating element's direct line of sight.


The heating device in the indicative form of the oven receives electricity from the heating element contact on the detachable quantity cartridge. The detachable dosage cartridge may be connected to the cartridge port after the user loads a vaporizable substance into the oven chamber. 

When a vapor is formed, the user can open the oven vent and take a dosage of vapor from the delivery port after starting the method of heating. An appropriate indication light may come on or appear to indicate that the dosage is prepared in an illustrative embodiment when the vaporizable material has been subjected to an effective temperature for an effective duration of time, which can be high, medium, or low.

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