Paperclip Jewelry: Trending Back

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Paperclip Jewelry: Trending Back


About Paperclip Chains

One of the best necklace designs for women is a chain made of paper clips. It is, as the name implies, a style of jewelry composed of bigger, loose links that resemble paperclips. Because of this, these chains have a light appearance that enhances your attire without being garish. They become incredibly light, comfy, and simple to wear as a result. A paperclip chain necklace has links that have some elasticity, allowing it to drape and bend gently with your body. Your necklace will fit perfectly no matter what neckline you have (V-neck, boat neck, or scoop). Win!


Styling Tips

It's simple to style your paperclip chains. They're so breezy that you may wear them with denim or a dress, for a day at work or an evening out, and they'll always look great. Mix and match different lengths of necklaces to create an eye-catching design and highlight your face when wearing them. Play around with the metals and link sizes on your paperclip bracelets to add texture to your clothing if your wrists need some elegance.

Try layering with other pieces to further elevate your appearance. The contrast between a delicate Willow Disc necklace and the Ivy necklace, one of our most popular necklaces for ladies, will make your complete ensemble sparkle. With these, the length disparity fits perfectly. To add even more stylish to a midi skirt or a pair of cropped trousers, you could also give the Showstopper anklet a chance to mix it up with the Margo Mirror anklet.


Paperclip Jewelry: Trending Back


Choose What You Want

There are many variations and interpretations of this style in our store, including paperclip chains with pendants, pearls, and initials. For example, the pearl in our Baroque Pearl Paperclip Necklace adds a layer of luxury when worn with excellent gold and silver jewelry, resulting in extremely magnificent pieces that are sure to turn heads. Besides, you may personalize a paperclip chain necklace by having a date or name engraved on the links. The paperclip necklace's delicate etching gives it meaning, increases attention, and makes it really unique.


Paperclip Jewelry: Trending Back


We offer two alternative metals for our paperclip chain necklaces: silver, and gold plating. This gives you the option to coordinate them with other pieces in your collection or choose something altogether different. After all, experimenting with various metals and weights is a surefire method to score the most style points. Our advice combining a delicate necklace with an edgier necklace will provide a lovely contrast. Your appearance will be even more distinctive, and noticeable.

You can visit us here to buy what you like.


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