Overhead Conveyor Systems – Automatize Distribution Process at Nonpareil Clothing

Overhead Conveyor Systems – Automatize Distribution Process at Nonpareil Clothing
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Clothing is always a basic requirement for human beings. This wide garment industry is widely recognized for its larger turnover of products. Conveyor systems in garment warehouses make sure that the products are s available by getting the auto uniform conveyor or it is also widely used to display their products to potential customers.

It is true that an overhead system for sorting clothing items held by hooks, having a closed circuit conveyor belt with openings which carries the single items to the final station. The manufacturers find ease in loading clothes randomly and in large quantities. A large number of clothes are transported to this belt one at a time, after having been separated from the others and identified electronically within specific operating stations installed before the conveyor belt. The first station has a pair of rods which not merely slides vertically but as well easily picks asingle item to advance onto the conveyor belt.Also a series of extracting units are installed along the belt to unload the item form the belt.

Many of overhead conveyor case studies shows that the compact design of overhead conveyor offer for a variety of configurations to suit your specific needs. At Alpha Conveyor, our systems are just excellent for uniform storage and retrieval, inmate property storage, retail garment display, residential closets and much more. 

Key Features of Automated overhead conveyors:-

Great Safety for Operators

As we know that automated overhead conveyors come with enclosed track with no open sprockets or chain rollers and this ensure proper protection to the operators from contacting the moving chain.

Ensure Durability

Automated overhead conveyors are durable because this is a product which curves are made of the same hardened steel used for industrial applications

Solid Appearance

The given conveyor chain and drive units are fully enclosed giving you facility a neat and clean specialized appearance.


Automated overhead conveyors compact track and tight radius curves allows for a wide variety of configurations. You can find curves in 9″, 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, and 36″ radius.

Additional Functionality

In overhead conveyor systems, items are located and delivered via the shortest route. This automated storage and retrieval system can be best programmed to operate automatically when the user swipes their ID tag or enters their tag number. Not merely this, it can also be operated by an attendant through their barcode scan or manual key pad entry.

Though automated conveyors are ideal for sorting apparel and formal wear, you should be wise to choose the right conveyor. Today,manufacturers have greatly improved their assembly, part feeding and packaging processes.

If you’re running your own garment factory or laundry business, automated conveyors do more than simple conveyors. No wonder, they can serve as backbone of an assembly line, and help manufacturers move forward on their road to success. Hence, we can say that awell-designed conveyor system can increase efficiency, improve productivity, and minimize damage to parts and assemblies.

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