Outsourcing In Game Development Is It Worth It ?

Outsourcing In Game Development Is It Worth It ?
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Why You Need Game Development Outsourcing?

One of the most important aspects of the figure for our company is that we employ a core full-time workforce , to which we have added the new workforce that is required to complete any creation work that is not part of the company. Seventy-five percent of our workforce needed to develop video games involves visual tasks.

It's much more convenient for a small-sized team to switch across projects to the next or to wait for a new project. It is also less likely that the company will be required to think about returning or finding suitable plans for developers who don't have enough money to save for the current project, since the task will be handled by an outside contractor.

Outsourcing For Small Teams

What helps make our lives simpler and our lives more meaningful is the capability to let core teams know when the time is up that you'll receive more royalties. We're trying to solve this same issue from the other side. We have a massive team, however we tackle this issue by working with a variety of clients and on numerous projects simultaneously.

In the end, this synchronization decreases the total time spent by each employee, making an environment that is more relaxed for them to complete deadlines and to accomplish developments in the process of development.

In addition, by using outsourced development, like in https://glownightgames.com/about, clients' art directors can be less worried about designers and developers being disappointed or discouraged because they don't like the current plan. This suggests that teams in-house can perform better as they get to focus on more important and thrilling tasks, while regular, repetitive or time-consuming responsibilities are delegated to outsourced.

The requirement for minimum payment terms and the large business market makes it difficult to locate skilled game developers who feel they must work to a tight budget. It could take weeks or even months to complete the same task in a company, to find the right personnel as well as train them and then explain what they are required to complete. Every business has a limited resource and each employee is confined to their resources and time.

Certain game developers want to outsource every aspect of game development

  • 2D or 3D assets
  • Music;
  • Programming;
  • scriptwriting.

However an outsourced programmer in an outsourcing company for Game Development Company usually focuses on only one thing, for instance the writing or programming of music.


Furthermore, game development might require the use of high-end instruments and equipment. It is often too costly to purchase all the necessary assistance for a small group. It is more sensible to seek out an experienced contractor with modern equipment.

However, the work done by contractors is not just in the case of blockbusters. Outsourcing offers a small percentage of developers with the opportunity to begin production from any in-house research and development. This is an extremely efficient method to develop assets without having any intellectual property. Of course, it's not possible to develop cutting-edge content using this technique, but the indie workshops don't try to address this.

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