Oral Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, And Detection

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Hearing the word oral cancer can bring a sudden halt to otherwise regular life. No matter how much you try to shy away, you cannot ignore the fact that the cases of oral cancer are increasing, and if there is something that can keep you at bay from the problem, then it is developing good oral hygiene and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What is oral cancer?

Malignant growth of tissues in the mouth, lips, tongue, cheeks, or pharynx comes under the category of oral cancer.

What are the major reasons which trigger oral cancer?

  • Smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco or hookah
  • Family history of oral cancer
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Excessive exposure to the sun without protecting the lips from the harmful ultraviolet rays

What are the common symptoms of oral cancer?

  • Bad breath which ceases to go away despite mouth fresheners and other treatments
  • Bleeding in the mouth for reasons unknown
  • Rough spots on the gums, lips, or inside the mouth
  • Lip sores
  • Pain or numbness on the face, neck, or mouth without an apparent reason behind the same
  • Continuous pain in the ears
  • Difficulty in chewing or moving the jaw
  • Problem in speech
  • Weight loss

How is oral cancer detected?

If the patient goes to the doctor with any of the above-mentioned symptoms, the doctor will follow any of the below-mentioned procedures before drawing any conclusion:

  • Physical examination of the patient
  • Brush bioscopy
  • Incisional bioscopy
  • Indirect laryngoscopy and pharyngoscopy followed by direct laryngoscopy and pharyngoscopy

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