Opencart To Shopify Migration A Detailed Guide

Opencart To Shopify Migration A Detailed Guide
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The idea of being able to migrate OpenCart stores to Shopify without losing data and experiencing downtime excites us so much. As a creative provider of OpenCart to Shopify migration services, we aim to ignite the client's bottom line to create stunning custom user experiences and exploit scalability. We are committed to ensuring e-commerce companies benefit from a strong solution for moving OpenCart stores to Shopify.

5+ Advantages of Migrating from OpenCart to Shopify 

Opencart To Shopify Migration A Detailed Guide

  • User-friendly: One of the reasons why Shopify is better than OpenCart is that it has a simple interface.
  • Many Payment Options: Alternatives such as Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal are available on the website.
  • Excellent Customer Service: As an enterprise platform, Shopify provides a customer support team that answers clients' questions.
  • A Wide Range of App Ecosystems: Different apps on this platform can be downloaded and installed on your site to make it more functional.
  • Effective SEO Tools: In-built Shopify tools have customizable title tags and URL structures that help stores in getting found and therefore, generate organic sales.
  • Enhanced Security: Because it is hosted, this means that the protection of customer data or similar information must take center stage.

A Step-by-Step Guide to OpenCart Shopify Migration 

Migrating from OpenCart to Shopify is very simple by employing Shopify migration tools. This is where we will look at how to merge OpenCart with Shopify through OpenCart to Shopify Migration Agency like CartCoders. Here is a comprehensive guide on how you can go about it: 

Step 1: Logging in to Shopify

To begin with, one can either sign into their existing store at Shopify or create a new account for this transition.

Step 2: Subscribing

For now, subscribe to the free trial version, but feel free to choose other subscriptions.

Step 3: Installing CartCoders

Go to the App Store in Shopify and install a plugin called CartCoders. 

Step 4: CartCoders Log in

Go and log into your account on CartCoders.

Step 5: Choose where your data comes from 

  • It is time to set up your source carts for the migration.
  • For those moving from a CSV file, select "CSV" as your source and fill out the store URL where you exported the CSV files. 
  • But if you are migrating directly from a shopping cart, choose it from the list. Then, enter your store's URL (for open-source carts) or provide your store's API details (for hosted solutions). 

Remember that if you cannot access your original cart or it does not support it, you have other means of importing products through a CSV file.

Step 6: Set up the target cart

Step7: Select what to migrate

Here, you can decide whether to move some of your OpenCart data entities across to Shopify or migrate all by clicking the "Select all box."

Step8: Choose additional migration options needed

  • However, we suggest that you think about the following optional ways to ensure an easy changeover:
  • Use the "Migrate Source Store categories into the Shopify Automated Collections" feature to seamlessly transfer OpenCart categories.
  • Select the "Create 301 redirects on your target store after migration" option to keep SEO performance.

Step 9: Try to launch the free demo migration. 

Evaluate the results of the demigration when it is done. If so, fully transfer all your data from OpenCart to Shopify, as this won't interfere with your current business operations.

Step 10: Finalization

Make sure that your store suits your preferences after the migration. After adjusting it to suit you, start selling it to your customers.

What Data You Can Migrate From OpenCart To Shopify 

Opencart To Shopify Migration A Detailed Guide

The following data can be flexibly migrated from OpenCart to Shopify: 

  • Products: SKU, Name, Description, Manufacturer, Status, Price, Special Price, Tags, Meta Title, Meta Description, Variants, Stock Management, Additional Images.
  • Product Categories: Name, Description, Image, Meta Title, Meta Description, Status
  • Manufacturers: Name
  • Customers: First and Last Name, Billing & Shipping Address, Email, Newsletter Subscription
  • Orders: Details, Customer Name, Billing Address, Email, Shipping Address
  • Coupons: Date, Code
  • Reviews: Title, User Name, Date, Rating
  • CMS Pages: URL, Title, Date, Description

OpenCart to Shopify Migration Services 

1. Seamless Data Migration

Forget Worrying about Data Loss. CartCoders employs highly developed tools and accurate procedures to move everything—products, customers, orders, reviews, SEO settings—from OpenCart to Shopify without any mistakes. 

2. Customizable Design & Development

No Generic Settling!!! Beyond themes and plugins! As a result, CartCoders will create tailor-made features and functionalities that match your unique business requirements, making your Shopify store an exact representation of your brand.

3. Shopify Theme Selection & Optimization

Don't get tired of searching for a theme. CartCoders makes it easy to browse through the vast theme library and pick the one that perfectly matches your branding and target audience. Additionally, they tweak its design and layout for maximum conversion rates.

4. SEO Migration & Optimization

Keep Your Search Engine Rankings. Consequently, CartCoders skilfully moves your OpenCart SEO information into Shopify's platform, thus enhancing your store's visibility on search results pages and attracting relevant traffic from search engines.

5. App Integration & Automation

However, knowing how to integrate them is essential because many apps perform various functions on Shopify. This is why CartCoders has a team of professionals who understand the right app for every workflow. 

6. Comprehensive Testing & Launch Support

Just like taking off the runway with an airplane, you need confidence in it. After migrating your store, CartCoders will test it thoroughly, ensuring users have an experience without hitches. They also offer support during and after the launch of your store so that everything runs smoothly and perfectly well.

How Much Does OpenCart To Shopify Migration Cost?

If you choose to employ a professional for OpenCart to Shopify migration, it may cost you from $1,000 upwards. Depending on your migrations' complexity, this can go somewhere around two or three grand and above.

That's why we suggest using LitExtension's automated migration service. This way, they will only charge you between $79 and $139 for each complete migration. Here is the pricing information in detail:

The Basic Package ($79)

This package has all the key features of the migration. Moreover, free options include cleansing data on the target store before migrating and creating product variants based on combinations of options, moving images from products, categories, or blog post descriptions.

If you need the "Preserve Product, Order, Customer IDs on Target Store" option, you have to pay an extra $39.

All-in-One Package ($139)

This package offers additional options at no extra fee. It provides a more holistic approach towards a smooth migration experience.

Join CartCoders - The Most Trusted Opencart To Shopify Migration Company 

Are you outgrowing OpenCart? Don't stress about moving. Find CartCoders. The eCommerce rocket fuel you need to blast off on Shopify! Most trusted OpenCart to Shopify migration experts, we will move your store flawlessly with no data loss and the precision of a laser.

With dedicated support for this process, we provide custom design, SEO expertise, and app integrations. Do you want to break the shackles and tap into Shopify's limitless opportunities? Fasten your seatbelts with CartCoders,

Bottom Line

OpenCart to Shopify migration simplifies eCommerce by evolving from open source to a hosted platform. This transition gives companies more faculty than previous ones and an easier-to-use interface for their online stores.

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