Online Personal Training: Advantages and Disadvantages

Online Personal Training: Advantages and Disadvantages
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22 August 2023

The advent of online fitness training programs has revolutionized the world of fitness. The number of people watching stretching videos to begin or resume their fitness journey has increased. This virtual system of fitness coaching has gained popularity, especially after the pandemic. However, many people are still in the dilemma of whether an online fitness training session will be able to give them the required services and benefits like an offline session. Like every other thing, online fitness training also has its pros and cons. Here we will be discussing some advantages and disadvantages of online personal fitness training ➖

Advantages -


  1. Flexibility and convenience - Most people nowadays find it difficult to arrange time for physical activities and exercises in their busy schedules. Online personal training provides flexible timings. People can choose to attend sessions as per their convenience. It also saves the time required to travel to reach an offline class that usually has fixed class timings.
  2. Geographical independence - Online personal training is not bound by any geographical boundaries. People having internet access can get access to online personal training from any part of the world. They can connect with personal fitness trainers across the globe. Individuals who need to travel frequently due to work or other causes can be greatly benefitted from this feature. Traveling won’t let them miss any of their fitness class. This also does not limit you to the trainers available within your locality. You can be benefitted from the expertise of trainers who are far away from your geographical location.
  3. Cost-effectiveness - The availability of several training plans and programs lets an individual choose the most effective option for them. Online personal training is often available at cheaper prices than traditional training programs. It also saves the cost involved in traveling to attend an offline fitness class.
  4. Personalized workout plans - An online personal trainer communicates with their trainee to understand their specific requirements and limitations. They design customized workout plans accordingly to bring out the best possible results for their clients. They also follow up to make sure their trainee is comfortable, they keep making necessary changes and adjustments to make sure that the program evolves as you grow gradually. Beginners can start their fitness journey by following a beginner stretching routine.
  5. Privacy - A lot of people might find it uncomfortable to attend crowded classes and take fitness training. An online personal trainer provides complete privacy. This is extremely beneficial for people who learn better in private. People can select their desired trainers and access fit coach reviews and begin their one-on-one sessions that help them to grow at their own pace. There is no kind of peer pressure or performance pressure.

Disadvantages -

  1. Lack of in-person supervision - Though an online personal trainer tries his best to provide guidance and supervise the training process, virtual assistance might not be enough to correctly execute all techniques and forms of exercise. Virtual demonstration of exercises might not be correctly comprehended. The trainer can assist and give instructions to perform an exercise with the correct posture. But unlike traditional or offline fitness classes the trainer will not be able to physically correct your posture. To get the maximum benefit from an exercise performing it using the correct techniques and maintaining the correct posture is crucial. Practicing exercises in the wrong postures will not provide any benefit no matter how many times or how long it has been practiced. Improper forms can also lead to severe injuries which might take a long recovery time. Some severe injuries can even last a lifetime. This is one of the major drawbacks of an online personal training system.
  2. Limited access to equipment - When we choose the comfort of our home over attending an offline physical fitness session we need to sacrifice the extra facilities that are available at a physical fitness class such as various equipment. An online personal fitness trainer can provide us with all the required guidance and assistance. They can even assist us with our nutrition by suggesting diet plans as per our requirements. But what an online personal trainer cannot fulfill is limited access to equipment. Though stretching videos are a great source of learning, their effectiveness would increase if practiced with the correct types of equipment.
  3. Requirement for self-motivation - It is always necessary to stay motivated to consistently work out. An online personal trainer will be there to encourage you, but when you are practicing in your room, alone self-motivation is important. In physical classes seeing others perform can also serve as a source of motivation which is absent in online classes.

Online personal training has certain pros and cons. Weighing these can help one to decide whether to go for online training or not. Online personal training is certainly a revolutionary idea that pertains to the needs of all people as it provides a separate stretching routine for men, women, or even beginners.


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