Online Games: Raging Death

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03 January 2023

"Well, it's very simple." Wu Le gave up his snow-colored elf mouse, which was half a man's height and used two hind paws to stand, which was the symbol of hunting elves. Is it strong? Wu Le scratched his head in distress: "Hiss.." It's really not clear. Go out and try it later. Liu Yunfei nodded and remembered that he had lost a transaction application to him: "Yes, I almost forgot to give you the money." Wu Le chose to refuse directly and said with a smile, "This is what you earned with your efforts. I can't take it." Liu Yunfei glared at him and said discontentedly, "You can always borrow it.". Play with a hammer when you have no money. When Wu Le heard this, he thought to himself and said with a smile, "Yes.". Think of it as an investment. Liu Yunfei was silent and said,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, "I'm still having that dream." "How do you know you can't if you don't try?" Wu Le answered with full confidence. However is own brother's dream, Liu Yunfei certainly is raises five limbs to agree: "That when the investment, we two brothers break out a world again in this world!" " Liu Yunfei also put on his shoulder, and they held hands tightly. No matter how silly people look at them,Magnesium Oxide MgO, it's like they're looking at a pair of daydreaming idiots. But no one is qualified to laugh at and despise dreams, because only dreams can have a future. Looking at each other with a smile, Wu Le took the lead in standing up: "But it is useless to sit here and talk big.". One day I will be a rich man in the game, and you will be a master in the game. Let's go, big master, go to practice. "Go!" Liu Yunfei patted his palm angrily and let Wu Le pull himself up. Only then did Wu Le discover that Liu Yunfei's two weapons hanging on his waist were actually two crossbows! "Where did this come from?" The hand crossbow is not so easy to get as the recommended weapon of the bullet medicine man. Wu Le did not expect Liu Yunfei to be equipped with two. More importantly, the style of the two crossbows is definitely not ordinary, Magnesium Oxide price ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, at least above the green grade! "You mean this?" Liu Yunfei didn't care too much. He showed him the pictures of Wu Le's group entering the team and explained: "I killed BOSS myself, and the other one was sent by Charlene's tutor." She sent you? Why Liu Yunfei thought about it and found a more accurate statement: "It's a task reward for me to challenge and win her." "You beat Charlene!" Wu Le screamed and immediately attracted the attention of many passers-by. But at this time, Liu Yunfei and Wu Lexin whistled and pretended to be stupid, so that they turned around and scolded "neuropathy". Only then did Wu Le notice that his reaction was too big. He quickly changed into a team channel and said to Liu Yunfei in disbelief: "You're not bragging, are you?"? Did you really beat that pervert? "Pervert?"? It's all right. Liu Yunfei admitted that Charlene was very strong, but she deliberately sold a lot of flaws. It feels like there's still a good chance of winning. When Wu Le heard Liu Yunfei's understatement, he swallowed his saliva with difficulty: "All right?"? Charlene is an ammunition genius after the hero King Cullen, but she became a first-class player at the age of 16. Not to mention these, no one can pass her challenge test during the internal test, which is also the main reason why most of the 70% people brush down. Closing the attribute interface, Liu Yunfei asked Wu Le, "Where are you going to practice?" "Go to the next copy of the Goblin, where the upgrade is fast.". By the way, have you washed your skills? Liu Yunfei stopped and asked confusedly,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, "Wash skills?" Wu Le's smile froze and mechanically turned to look at Liu Yunfei: "You won't.." Didn't you wash it? Liu Yunfei was so frightened by his white-eyed ghost that his neck shrank back and he nodded. You don't even know about the free skill washing of level 10 transfer?! Wu Le cried out in an instant. Liu Yunfei ordered again. Oh my God! Hurry up and wash! Do you want to use novice skills to practice? On the way, Wu Le urged him to go quickly, sighing that thanks to his own question. Also hastens to own this brother to supplement the game common sense: "The dusk 10 levels transfer looks for the teacher to be possible to wash the skill spot and the attribute spot free of charge." Wu Le sometimes does not know whether his brother is a master or a small white. He often doesn't even pay attention to such a simple problem. What if I add it wrong again? 。

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