Ocean Jasper: Meanings, Properties, History & More

Ocean Jasper: Meanings, Properties, History & More
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Are you looking for an aesthetically appealing and beautiful gemstone? Ocean Jasper is one of the fantastic Orbicular Jasper, which has been overlooked by many gemstone enthusiasts and jewelry lovers.

Ocean Jasper shows beautiful patterns that automatically depict the waves of the ocean. Normally, the beautiful ocean jasper pendant symbolizes the power of the ocean along with energy tides. Wearing these pendants also adds more beauty and gives the feeling of calmness.

Meaning and symbolism:

Ocean Jasper especially symbolizes the 'power of the ocean' and also denotes the energy of tides. In the modern day, many people also reported that they felt complete calmness and flow of peaceful energy around them. 

It is also believed that the Ocean Jasper pendant can bring good luck in all daily activities. It represents prosperity, abundance, and luck. The wearer can achieve inner peace and balance in life.

The Ocean Jasper is quite an amazing Orbicular Jasper and belongs to the quartz mineral family. These are not true jasper but one of the rare types of Rhyolite. It is also rarely found on the shores of Madagascar. Ocean Jasper is a unique and exotic stone, so they are more than a mineral; it offers a beautiful look.

These Ocean Jasper stones are formed due to extreme temperatures and pressures from millions of years ago. Many people also have been using this pendant to easily get the complete peaceful energy flowing through them.

Many people prefer to choose this rare and collectible stone as these can be seen only on the coast of Madagascar. Ocean Jasper is the stone that allows the person to easily communicate in the positive energy flow. It also helps to feel the love, enhancing the positive vibe.

History of ocean jasper:

During the 1950s, a piece of Ocean Jasper was first discovered in central Madagascar. Ocean Jasper has been mistakenly recorded in the Kabamby. But the stone went quite unnoticed for years. 

Ocean Jasper stone has been placed in the Museum of Sciences in Paris, France. Later, it has been rediscovered about 50 years and now the stone has been used for various purposes.

In the year 1977, a photograph was released about the remarkable Ocean Jasper stone in the French mineral encyclopedia. It was the turning point where many people started to show interest in the stone.

Original location was finally rediscovered in the year 1999 along the sea during low tide. Ocean Jasper stones can be extracted by hand, and they were called the Tucson Gem in 2001. There have been multiple deposits found in the area, and it is a precious stone valued by ancient tribes in Madagascar.

Ocean Jasper is a rare rhyolite and igneous rock. These have unique patterns and colors with a combination of minerals like quartz and agate. The stone has concentric layers which vary with the hues and mineral impurities.

Properties of ocean jasper:

Ocean Jasper is known as a highly spiritual as well as a protective stone. These are believed to help the wearer connect with the spiritual realm with positive vibes. Ocean Jasper also aids in removing negative energy as well as stress from the mind.

  • Spiritual healing:

Many people have been using the Ocean Jasper pendant as a tool for promoting spiritual growth and healing. These are also believed to be the best stones for easily creating relaxation and gentleness. 

These are helpful to easily bring calmness and soothe the frayed nerves in the body. Apart from these, the pendants are also believed to provide an increased sense of connection to the spiritual realm. It definitely allows the user to easily access the best spiritual guidance in a fantastic manner.

  • Physical healing:

Ocean Jasper is also believed to help with physical ailments in the body. Many people also suggest that wearing the Ocean Jasper pendant is helpful for resolving heart palpitations, hormonal imbalances, and digestive problems. The main reason is the stone is helpful for balancing the physical body along with energy. 

The Ocean Jasper pendant also allows you to easily heal physical ailments in a fantastic manner. These also act as a positive shield for adding more protection. 

The ocean jasper pendant is significant for protecting the wearer from any kind of environmental toxins. It also helps with increasing the energy level along with aiding in achieving physical recovery.  

  • Emotional healing:

Ocean Jasper is also believed to be one of the fantastic ways of bringing happiness and joy in life. Wearing the ocean jasper pendant is helpful for easing the negative energy and thoughts from the mind. The stone is believed to aid in releasing emotional blockages and also allows access to creativity and intuition. 

Whether you are looking for inner peace and to enhance mental clarity, then Ocean Jasper stone is one of the fantastic options. These are amazing ways to foster productivity and positive thoughts.  The Ocean Jasper pendant is also believed to enhance the comforting energy in the body. It aids in removing negative energy and helps you to move forward in life.

  • Chakra:

One of the fantastic reasons for wearing the ocean jasper pendant is the way of balancing Chakra. Normally, the Ocean Jasper is helpful for easily enhancing the energetic alignments and connecting Mother Earth's energy.

Many people also believe that the Ocean Jasper pendant helps to open thoughts and minds. It activates the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras in an efficient manner. These are also perfect for users to become aware of the flow of energy in the body.


Many believe that these crystals also bring joy and elevated spirits while completely relieving stress. Ocean Jasper has been widely called by many numbers of names, such as Atlantis Stone, Cellular Jasper, Sea Jasper, and more.

Ocean Jasper perfectly reflects the beautiful relationship of stone to the ocean. Ocean Jasper is also available with varied colored stones having orb-like inclusions. These also have background colors such as yellow, pink, gray, green, blue, red, and more. Normally, this ocean jasper stone is available in colors of the rainbow.

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