Notable Software Development Startups in Poland

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27 October 2023

Poland has been rapidly gaining recognition as a burgeoning tech hub in Europe. With its pool of skilled software developers and a favorable business environment, the country has seen a surge in innovative software development startups. In this article, we'll explore some of the notable software development Poland startups that are making waves in the tech industry. 

  1. Netguru:
  • Netguru is a software development and design agency based in Poznan, Poland. With a strong focus on web and mobile app development, they have worked with numerous international clients, delivering high-quality software solutions. They are recognized for their expertise in Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and React. 
  1. Estimote:
  • Estimote, headquartered in Krakow, is a pioneer in the world of proximity and location-based technologies. They have developed products such as Bluetooth beacons and an indoor location system that caters to industries like retail, healthcare, and hospitality. 
  1. Brainly:
  • Brainly, founded in Krakow, is an edtech startup that has created a global learning community. Their platform enables students to ask and answer academic questions, fostering collaborative learning. With millions of users worldwide, Brainly has become a significant player in the edtech space. 
  1. SoftwareMill:
  • SoftwareMill is a software development company based in Warsaw, known for its expertise in Scala and Java. They specialize in creating custom software solutions for businesses, including distributed systems and big data applications. 
  1. Codewise:
  • Codewise, headquartered in Krakow, is a marketing technology company that provides advertising and analytics solutions. Their platform, Voluum, is used by digital marketers and affiliate marketers worldwide to track and optimize their online campaigns. 
  1. CallPage:
  • CallPage, based in Warsaw, offers a lead generation platform that helps businesses convert website visitors into potential customers by connecting them with a sales representative in real-time. This innovative approach to customer engagement has gained attention in the software development space. 
  1. Daftcode:
  • Daftcode is a software development and design company located in Warsaw. They have worked on various projects, from web and mobile applications to machine learning and AI solutions. Daftcode is recognized for its commitment to innovation and quality. 
  1. VoiceLab:
  • VoiceLab, a Wroclaw-based startup, focuses on voice technology and AI. They have developed voice recognition and conversational AI solutions that find applications in customer support, call centers, and voice assistants. 
  1. Sunscrapers:
  • Sunscrapers is a software development agency in Warsaw. They specialize in building custom web applications using technologies like Django, Python, and React. They have served clients from various industries, including fintech and e-commerce. 
  1. Unit4:
  • Unit4, with offices in Krakow, is a software company that focuses on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions for service organizations. Their software is designed to streamline operations, improve productivity, and enhance financial management for businesses. 

These notable software development startups in Poland demonstrate the country's potential as a hub for tech innovation. With a focus on various niches, including web and mobile app development, edtech, marketing technology, and AI, these startups are contributing to Poland's growing reputation as a vibrant tech ecosystem. They showcase the diverse talent and entrepreneurial spirit of software development in Poland, making it an exciting place for tech enthusiasts and investors alike. 


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