No More Bird Nests: Tips and Tricks for Effective Nest Control in Brisbane

No More Bird Nests: Tips and Tricks for Effective Nest Control in Brisbane
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Attention all Brisbane residents! It's that time of year again when our feathered friends start building their nests in the most inconvenient places – on roofs, gutters, and even inside air conditioning units. While we may appreciate their cute chirping and beautiful plumage, these bird nests can cause serious damage to our homes and businesses. But fear not! We've got you covered with some tips and tricks for  bird nesting control in Brisbane. Say goodbye to messy bird nests once and for all – let's get started!


If you're one of the many Brisbane residents who are sick of seeing bird nests all around, there's good news - nest control is possible and relatively easy. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Keep an eye on your surroundings

The first step is to stay aware of where the nests are and what's happening inside them. This way, you can take appropriate action if necessary.

2. Don't disturb the birds

It's important to remember that the birds are not always malicious - in fact, they may be just trying to raise their young. So, please don't try to get rid of the nests or scare away the birds - this only makes things worse for them.

3. Use deterrents

There are a few simple things you can do to deter birds from nesting in your area: use brightly coloured ribbon or streamers as a visual deterrent, place objects in strategic spots (like near trees), or install reflective material around your property. Whatever works best for you will depend on the species of bird involved and their particular nesting habits.

Common Nesting Behaviours of Birds

There are many common nesting behaviours of birds, and it is important to be aware of them in order to avoid interfering with their nests. Some birds will build their nests in trees or on high places, while others will use abandoned animals' nests. Here are some tips for preventing bird damage to your home and garden:

-If you live in an area where birds commonly nest, keep your yard clean and free of clutter so that the birds have a place to build their nests.

-Make sure any gardens or areas near your home have plenty of food and water sources for the birds.

-Remove any unused wires or posts from around your home that could provide a foothold for the birds, and make sure there are no sharp objects nearby that could injure the birds when they nest.

How to Remove a Nest

If you're fed up of bird nests taking over your backyard, there are a few things you can do to remove them effectively. Here are some tips on how to remove a nest:

1. Use a bucket or tub: Fill a bucket or tub with water and place it near the nest. The birds will likely move the nest into the water to save it from destruction. Once they've moved it, use a shovel or your hands to gently remove the nest from the ground.

2. Use repellents: Some repellents work better than others, so experiment until you find one that works best for you. You can also try painting or pouring boiling water onto the nests in an effort to scare away the birds.

3. Set traps: If using repellents isn't effective, set traps in order to capture and remove the birds. Place sticky traps baited with food at strategic locations around the area where the nests are located, and watch as the birds take advantage of it.

What to do if You Find a Nesting Bird

If you find a nesting bird in your backyard or neighbourhood, there are a few things you can do to help keep the birds safe and manage their population.

Remove any unnecessary objects or structures nearby that could become a nest site. This includes power lines, fences, bushes and trees.

Keep bird feeders away from the nest. Nests can become full of food, which attracts predators like hawks and owls.

Report any suspected nests to your local council or BirdLife Australia. They may be able to provide advice on how to protect the birds and prevent them from nesting in the future.


If you're looking to get rid of a nest in Brisbane, there are a few things you need to know. By following these tips, you'll be able to control the population of birds in your area and keep them away from your property. Here are five ways to get started:

1) Make sure that all potential nesting sites are identified and avoided. Bird nests can be hard to spot, so it's important to pay attention both inside and outside your home.

2) If a nest is spotted, remove any objects or materials that could provide cover for the birds. This includes anything from leaves and branches to building materials like bricks or mortar.

3) Use sound deterrents if necessary. Incorporate bird-repellent devices such as ultrasonic alarms into your security system or install bird nets around vulnerable areas like patios and balconies. These devices produce high-frequency sounds that scare away birds and disrupt their nesting habits.

4) Seal up any cracks or openings in exterior walls, ceilings and roofs where nests can sometimes form. This will help prevent eggs from being laid on your property by the birds and reduce chances of future infestations.


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