Need A Plan To Promote YouTube Videos Online In 2023

Need A Plan To Promote YouTube Videos Online In 2023
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It's a good idea to promote your YouTube channel elsewhere, but you need a plan. A social media strategist reveals his five-step strategy for promote YouTube videos in this episode of TubeTalk.

Has the growth of your YouTube channel stopped? It's time to make changes if you're getting fewer views and subscribers than usual. One choice is to advertise your channel on other social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Clubhouse, and many others.

You must think strategically if you want to succeed at this. Every social media platform is unique and needs a particular strategy to draw users.

How to Grow Your YouTube Community Without Burning Out

Because of this, social media strategists like Ben Leavitt are crucial YouTube creators. He teaches people how to use social media to grow their businesses on his YouTube channel. The question "Which one is right for me?" is frequently asked by YouTubers who want to promote YouTube videos on their channel on another platform.

Leavitt and I had a conversation about the distinctions between each social media network in this episode of TubeTalk. He offers advice on how to make the most of these community builders in 2023, even as brand-new programmes like Video Boosters Club.

Determine the Best Social Platform for Your Objectives

Every platform has an own culture, content style, and relationship propensity. On TikTok, for instance, users quickly cycle through dozens of short movies. Consider using a different medium, such as live streams on Twitch or audio talks on Clubhouse, if your goal is to interact with people rather than just entertain them. Direct messaging is available on Twitter and Instagram, making them excellent for communicating at any time.

Concentrate on one platform, then gradually expand it

A day can only contain so much time. It's wise to pick just one location to interact with visitors outside of YouTube. You'll discover how much time managing a second profile takes and whether you're genuinely capable of doing it.

Control Your Account Directly

Even if you have the money to employ a strategist, staying in-house will teach you a lot. When you sign up for a new platform, there is a lot to learn about the content that is posted there, the "language" of the website or app, and how users interact. You should research those topics so that you are knowledgeable, and as your firm develops, you can outsource time-consuming duties.

Conserve Your Time

Keep in mind that you still need to create YouTube videos. If your second social media account is very addicting, be clear about how long you plan to spend there. Clubhouse is a wonderful illustration because, while being a productive programme, you can lose hours to conversation-listening on it. Set an alarm so you can enter, engage with the audience, and exit.

Determine what is effective

Examine the material you are producing outside of YouTube. Regardless of whether you've decided to grow your community on Twitch, Clubhouse, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, ask yourself this: Is this working?

This does not entail counting your followers. The strategy is failing if they don't accomplish your initial objective—sharing your information, making comments, or doing something else.

You'll have the energy to promote your YouTube channel and track the outcomes if you can complete these five tasks.

Bonus: Quick Social Media Growth Advice


  1. Focus on a single market.
  2. Make content for the people you want to reach.
  3. Create a quality thumbnail for each video.


  1. Aim to be among the top 1% of creators on IG given its current high saturation.
  2. Become a recognised expert in your field.
  3. Post frequently.


  1. The more content you produce, the better.
  2. Although you don't need a niche, you might want to have one to keep your fans.
  3. Make a connection with your audience. Find a means to direct them to platforms with more authority, like YouTube.


  1. Create videos of your episodes, then upload five-minute snippets to other websites.
  2. Remain patient. For podcast episodes, there is no "discovery method," therefore word of mouth is crucial. Just continue posting.
  3. Make sure you adore podcasting before investing everything. It takes time to build a following of devoted listeners.

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