Navigating the Complexities of Family Law with Schoenberg Family Law Group P.C.

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Engaging the services of a reliable family law attorney is crucial when navigating the complex and often emotionally charged world of family law. These matters, which can range from divorce proceedings and child custody agreements to division of assets, can have profound and long-lasting impacts on the lives of all parties involved.

The Stressful and Emotional Nature of Family Law

Family law matters tend to be some of the most emotionally charged legal disputes. They often involve renegotiating terms of relations that have been established over years, if not decades. The emotional involvement and stress that come with these proceedings can be overwhelming, especially considering the fact that fully resolving all aspects of a separation or divorce may take years.

Schoenberg Family Law Group P.C.: Your Reliable San Jose Family Law Attorney

If you are in the midst of a family law dispute in San Jose, California, consider reaching out to Schoenberg Family Law Group P.C. Their team of compassionate and experienced family law attorneys has the knowledge and expertise needed to help ease the burden of the litigation process, thus giving you the peace of mind you truly deserve during such trying times.

Putting Children First

During any family law case involving children, Schoenberg Family Law Group P.C. always puts the interests of the children first. They employ smart legal strategies and provide compassionate client care to help parents through these difficult times. They can provide detailed answers to your questions about child custody, visitation, and parenting plans.

Prioritizing Your Child’s Best Interests

Throughout all legal matters, the team at Schoenberg Family Law Group P.C. prioritizes the mental, emotional, physical, and psychosocial wellbeing of your child. Their focus on your child's best interests ensures that the resolutions reached are not only legally sound, but also in the best interest of your child.


Family law matters are complex and emotionally charged. Having a reliable and experienced family law attorney by your side can make a significant difference in how these matters are handled and resolved. The team at Schoenberg Family Law Group P.C. not only provides legal expertise but also prioritizes the wellbeing of all parties involved, especially children. Consider reaching out to them if you are in need of assistance in any matters of family law in San Jose, CA.

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