My "Crazy" Digital Journey

My "Crazy" Digital Journey
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22 December 2022

 My digital adventure began in 1996 with a crucial choice for my life and, in some respects, seen through the eyes of the time, perhaps a little crazy!

I was an effective agent of the State Police. So I probably had a career as a policeman ahead of me, that is, I had "conquered" that famous public post so longed for by my parents. But something was brewing in my soul, I felt the need to go further.

In 1996 I left the Police to pursue what I felt was my authentic vocation , which was to explore the universe of multimedia and the dawn of new media. Those were the times when we began to talk about nodes, networks and the digital enterprise. So I began to deepen the study of the first elements related to the concept of multimedia, the first software on both Apple and Windows platforms such as Macromedia Director.

This passion of mine for technology led in 1999 to the opening of the multimedia communication company M.

The Digital Postcard and the Empix World

The Empix project linked to multimedia that I remember most fondly is certainly that of the Digital Postcard , or rather the fusion between the classic travel postcard and the CD support.

Over the years then, during the first decade of 2000, the increasingly rapid diffusion of the internet and the possibility for people to connect to the net has certainly made a turnaround to offline multimedia contents which obviously were pouring into the online.

Consequently, the Empix group has also made a decisive turn towards the online world. In fact, we were among the first to experiment with CMS (Content Management System), i.e. open platforms for the creation of websites, from Drupal to WordPress via Joomla.

A crucial step in this progressive transfer to mass digital communication is identified without a shadow of a doubt with the advent of social networks which marked the definitive decline of "one to many" communication, introducing the era of "peer to peer communication". We thus specialized in Social Media Marketing and in 2010 Empix became a Google Partner agency which allowed us to bring the strength of Google into our client companies.

From Web 1.0 to Web 4.0

As Empix we have lived on the front line the profound transformation of the Internet which has gone from being considered a mere container in which to insert information about companies and products, therefore something almost aseptic, which maintained a certain coldness with respect to the user, a complex environment and articulated rich in interactions, relationships and content created, shared and consumed according to a peer to peer logic through user friendly DarkComet platforms and tools . In other words, we have experienced, and we have gradually transformed ourselves, the evolution from the so-called web 1.0 to web 4.0 which is being discussed today.

Empix as a Digital Tailoring

Today our focus as a working group is concentrated on the design and creation of contents with a high creative value and in this sense our strength lies in the ability to be strongly transversal, that is by putting in place a heterogeneity of skills and knowledge such as to allow us to offer the customer an ad hoc service to sew on him like a tailored suit .

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