Mornington Family Lawyers

Mornington Family Lawyers
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Mornington family lawyers assist individuals in dealing with any number of legal concerns regarding their family, such as domestic violence cases, divorce and child custody disputes as well as adoption and property settlement matters.

Family law careers can be highly satisfying as you'll gain exposure to sensitive matters that affect many lives. Success in this field requires outstanding interpersonal, mediation, and trial advocacy skills.

Adoption is a legal process that can have profound effects on an entire family, and attorneys who specialize in adoption can assist by handling all legal aspects. Unfortunately, however, they generally cannot offer other services related to adoption such as matching birthparents with families waiting to adopt or counseling through what can often be an emotionally trying experience.

If you are considering adoption, consulting a Mornington family lawyer can ensure that your rights are safeguarded throughout the process. They can also assist with other family law issues like fair and equitable spousal support arrangements so you can focus on raising your child in a nurturing environment without legal hassles and hearings being hassled with too. They'll even handle all the legal paperwork and attend any hearings needed; plus provide you with financial support if required to keep you living comfortably!

Divorce is the legal end of your marriage and involves many complex decisions regarding property division, child custody and support arrangements. Sometimes parties cannot reach an agreement on these issues and contested divorce is the result.

If you and your spouse can't reach an agreement on issues of separation or divorce, a judge will make decisions for both of you. This process can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive; both parties could potentially need to attend multiple court hearings as well as mediation sessions.

In some instances, judges will advise parties to participate in an Early Settlement Panel process similar to mediation but with experts in specific fields of family law present. It can help resolve complex issues more quickly; participating may help avoid trial altogether and facilitate quicker divorce resolution; your lawyer can guide you in finding the most suitable option.
Child Custody

Parents separating or divorcing must determine what custody arrangements will work best for their children when making decisions on health, education and welfare decisions regarding upbringing of children. Legal custody determines who has the legal responsibility of making such decisions on a regular basis - either shared jointly between both parents (joint) or given exclusively to one (sole). A court may grant temporary custody until an official order is granted by either parent.

Physical custody (also called residential custody) determines where your child will spend most of his or her time. If a judge awards sole physical custody to one parent, that parent must consult with both of their other parents before making major decisions regarding their child. Visitation rights will then be awarded by court order either supervised or unsupervised visitations rights may be awarded by either.

Family lawyers specialize in cases involving children and other family matters such as separation, divorce, adoption and guardianship. Their primary goal is achieving the best outcome possible for their clients by collecting evidence and advocating their case either through litigation or mediation sessions.
Property Settlement

Applying to the Court in order to resolve property matters does not have a minimum timeframe, although applications should be made no later than one year post-divorce for married couples and two years post-separation for de facto partners (per the Family Law Act).

Our attorneys specialize in negotiating fair property settlements and will collaborate with you to understand your current financial situation, including assets, liabilities and superannuation entitlements. We will take into account any needs or considerations related to children that you have during this process.

At our firm, we will consider how separate property and community property should be divided. This requires distinguishing between assets purchased prior to marriage and those acquired during its duration; and factoring in any commingling or transmutation that occurred throughout. Furthermore, we can help you establish appropriate spousal support payments as necessary - ensuring you will continue living comfortably after divorce proceedings are finalized - as well as assist you in finalising a property settlement agreement through Consent Orders or Binding Financial Agreements.

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