Moonstone Magic - Unveiling Its Secret

Moonstone Magic - Unveiling Its Secret
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Moonstone is also known as "Moon Magic" gemstone because Romans believed that moonstone was formed from moonbeams. They even associated it with the Moon Goddess Diana, who they thought showered her blessings upon everyone who possessed this moon magic gemstone. Other legends believed that this gemstone had moon magic inside it, and it brought the gifts of prophecy and clairvoyance to the wearer. While each and every gemstone is unique and special in its own unique way, the moonstone gemstones are truly celestial stones! For thousands of years, moonstone gemstones have been celebrated for their healing energies and they have also been used for making eye-catching jewelry. As a gemstone that possesses multiple amazing properties and uses, moonstones stay true to their name, and this shining jewel captures the energy and beauty of the moon. They turn the spirit more gentle and they emanate energies of peace and love.

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