Meru The Succubus | TV- Series 2020 | Animated Fantasy

Meru The Succubus |  TV- Series 2020  |  Animated Fantasy
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30 November 2022

A fictional demon girl is the protagonist of the porn show Meru the Succubus. Her job it to rape boys to get their sex. She is very rude and doesn't seem to care much about anyone else. Her character design is simple and not well-rounded.

Meru the Succubus is a animated fantasy porn. The series, which is set in Canada, follows Meru, a Succubus Demon on her quest for revenge against a priest who once sent her to Hell. Meru is funny and very charming in the series. She is now a High School student, 18 years old, and she wants to be a virgin so that she can have the body forever. She wants this body because it is the most beautiful she's ever seen.

Who Is Meru The Succubus?

Skuddbutt made the animated Meru the Succubus, which was created in the year 2020. Meru, the main character of the animation, was created by Twitter artist meru_nyaa. The project was completely funded by patrons. Meru, the Succubus, is therefore a result of human desire to express their passion and dedication.

Meru, the Succubus is an original work. However, it has attracted the attention many people. Its popularity is due to the fact that, although it is hentai, it has an interesting plot. And, of course, the succubus is cute. There are currently five OVAs you can watch as part of the Newgrounds artist community.

 OVA The Plot 

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a succubus (usually female) is a supernatural creature. Their energy source comes from their sexual activity and intercourse. According to folklore, succubi can also absorb the life force of men it sleeps with during energy replenishment. This is why they are considered dangerous.

Meru Succubus, a mythical creature of this nature, is bound to be a favorite cultural feature of internet media. The red-skinned avatar she appears to be wearing is actually her body, which she took from a priest to exact revenge.

Meru is seen waking up inside the girl's body. The red skin indicates that Meru is in possession. Meru is described as Merudania by the OVA between segments. She is a spirit of a succubus, which was manifested around 1100 ago in Northern Italy. As long as the mind is filled with sexual desires, Meru can possess any virgin female spirit.

Meru is delighted to have taken control of the girl's bodily and flew immediately to seek her first victim. To maintain her control over a body, the succubus should consume sufficient male release. If this happens, Meru might start to feel self-conscious and seek to get rid of Meru.

You can only ever possess a body permanently if you are married to a man who has ceased all sexual activity. Meru desires to be with the priest in order to exact her revenge. According to animation special notes, Meru used to have many abilities when she was her best - flight and hypnosis as well shapeshifting, teleportation, hypnosis, flight and levitation and even ESP. A priest had separated her from them and Meru now wants to get back at him.                                                                                                            Read Also : Genoanime

Officially you can see the animation and other Meru-related things on the website Newgrounds.


of Meru Merudiana Merudiana, also known simply as Meru, a demon sucubus thirsty for revenge on the priest that stripped her of all her powers. She has vowed to find the perfect human host to fulfill her revenge. 

Old and young enjoy the life-size story about Canadian Meru the Succubus. Meru is a fearsome small creature who will go wild for her human owner Mike Collin. Meru is described in a variety of ways. She's intelligent, brave, loyal, and possesses superior skills. When compared to regular succubuses, Meru is very intelligent and far ahead of her peers. Life has its way of showcasing people who are unique by placing them in the spotlight. They are either admired, or pitied.


Meet Meru. The Canadian Enchantress of Disney's animated classic Beauty and the Beast. Discover Meru, the beautiful Meru whose origins are not known in the web series. Who is Meru? The trailer has now been released. Meru the succubuscule has been among the most talked-about animated characters for the past few weeks.

The show was very popular quickly and the premiere was followed up by an extraordinary second episode which stunned viewers. Is there something that makes this show stand out from other shows? What are the show's strengths? Charity Norris creates a charming and adorable character. Who is Meru tells the story of Meru, an aquatic creature who is half human and half animal.

Meru is the lead character on the show. Her closest friends Leota and Zezhou appear in the episodes. Zezhou, Leota, and Zezhou prove to be her best friends by participating in many schemes and adventures that include them in numerous sea battles.

It is unique among cartoons for children because of the clever way they include fantasy aspects into their storylines, which adds humor in what could have been a serious and serious cartoon. It's a great choice to entertain children aged 5-7 years. The show teaches children the importance of friendship and cooperation.

 It is a very distinctive animation style and very different from other children's programs. It has a cartoonish style to it that I found refreshing and very relevant for the current day. Its voice-over suits the characters well and is well-done.

 Leota has a loving, gentle personality that I enjoy. There are some horrifying scenes with the Mermaids. They are not common, but they are rare. This show is suitable for those who want to broaden their horizons beyond what cartoons can offer or simply enjoy an animated series that's funny.
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