Maximizing Storage and Functionality in Your Kitchen Decor

Maximizing Storage and Functionality in Your Kitchen Decor
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Do you think school is hard? Try maximizing storage in a small kitchen, and you’ll know! One of the most challenging feats of setting up a small kitchen is ensuring that you have enough storage to go about. But it is easier said than done! 

A tight kitchen layout means limited cabinet, drawer, shelf, and island space, all coming together to create even lesser space. So how do you make all your stuff fit there? It isn’t as easy as hiring a professional for painting kitchen cabinet in Toronto

You will have to find the most efficient storage solutions to turn your cramped kitchen into a compact cooking space. Although decluttering is the first and foremost step to embark on this challenge, many other trips and tricks can maximize storage and functionality in your kitchen. 

Go For Open Shelving 

Open shelves are the way to transcend beyond the shackles of minimal storage and cabinetry. These open wonders stretched across a blank wall in a chic storage zone can give you substantial space for your cookbooks, pantry ingredients, dishware, and more. You can go one step further and install hooks underneath the bottom shelf to hang utensils or mugs. 

Consider Pullout Storage 

Pullout storage can make your life so much easier with its custom features that put to use all the awkward space in the back of the cabinet. You can put all those bulky pans and pots at the back of the pullout storage drawer, no matter how small your kitchen may be! 

Use Your Walls For Hanging Utensils 

A great way to maximize kitchen space is to say goodbye to your bulky knife block and other utensil holders for a wall-mounted magnetic strip that looks aesthetic and saves you space. This idea may seem minute, but it is actually a great way of keeping your knives and other utensils at hand length without compromising valuable counter space. Never has chopping, slicing, and stirring been so convenient! 

Turn Your Organizational Wheels Through Dividers 

Dividers work exceptionally well in promoting organization by breaking up the space inside your cabinet. All you need to do is add some horizontal and vertical cabinet dividers to your shopping list and use them to store narrow pans and baking sheets. You do not have to sift through a haphazard stack; sliding each one out of its particular slot also works well. 

Invest In Spice Storage 

Haphazard and mismatched spice and herb containers can take up much more cabinet space than anticipated. A great way to streamline access is to buy a bulk batch of minimal storage bottles and list them categorically in an upright position to save space. 

Employ Pegboards To Achieve Multi-Purpose Storage 

A pegboard is a multi-purpose storage solution that contains repositionable hooks that you can attach to the inside of a tall cabinet or a wall. If you ever get bored with their arrangement, just remove and rearrange them according to your liking! 

Build Cabinets All The Way To The Ceiling 

We seldom lose several feet of storage space to cabinet spaces that only extend to an average person’s height. You can customize these shelf heights and make them go all the way up to the ceiling! Store your boxes, paper towels, big pots used only on Thanksgiving or Christmas, and paper towels at the top. 

And what’s better than a folding stool that can help you get wherever you want? Get an inexpensive step stool from your nearest hardware store, and you are good to go. 

Use A “Flow”

Nothing works better to optimize a small kitchen space than creating a “flow” in the kitchen to use its full potential. You can do so by creating a U-shaped domain with a breakfast counter that divides the living room from the kitchen. 

Place the microwave, oven, and refrigerator across the fourth wall, or fit the microwave in smaller gallery spaces. You can also prep the microwave above the range, keeping the dishwasher, sink, and prep area between the eating area and range. 

Summing Up 

Managing storage in your kitchen space can be a challenging job. You may get overwhelmed and frustrated by a kitchen space that has everything but space, but there’s no need to worry. There are various easy tips and tricks you can employ to squeeze in some highly-needed extra cabinet space in your kitchen. Click here to related post to learn more!

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