Marriage And How To Make It Work

Marriage And How To Make It Work
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The shape of marriage has been influenced by Religious Belief for a thousand of years with the claim that Adam and Eve were the first husband and wife and all marriages must follow suite. review However, it depends on the country and their Religious belief, Culture root and Ancestry.

Far back in history a Wedding had nothing to do with love or companionship, but marriage has changed to some extent, however in some corner of the world the ancient ritual still exists. There are five types of marriage as listed below.

  • Bloodline Marriage is to keep it in the family and so a cousin was sought and a marriage took place and even today the marriage of cousins is still taking place in some part of the Globe such as the middle east.
  • Strategic Alliance Marriage is a form of agreement between two families such as a business arrangement. Victoriahearts Example Merger and Acquisition of two corporations in a business arrangement.
  • Heirs Marriage is to have a son to carry on the family name so a wife is sought and if she is unable to conceive, she is replaced by divorce for another woman.
  • Polygamous Marriage was a sure thing during the biblical time and King David sported several wives, include Jacob, Solomon among many others held a collection.
  • Monogamous Marriage has the blessing of the church, according to Adam and Eve was the first man and woman to be called husband and wife.
  • Gay Marriage came about due to changes in straight marriages notion that it is between a man and a woman by some in society.

Statistics rates show that divorce rates are trending down according to the New York Time. The article appears in print, on December 2, 2014, on page A3 of the New York edition with the headline: The Divorce Surge Is Over, but the Myth Lives On. It seems as if many have been successful at solving the issues and learn how to put up with each other for their entire lives. So the myth that state that 50% of marriage ends in divorce may not be true. However, it may be different from countries to countries.

Now, if anyone wishes to go with this wonderful route, here is a bit of guidance which is mainly my opinion and is not considered to be ironclad.

  • Be aware of who you marry and ensure that you know the person quite well, which means the ins and outs of the individual. The mood swings, the temper if any, the individual state of mind the entire person from A to Z. Do not make the silly mistake of taking a gamble which is almost like the purchase of a lotto ticket.
  • Be open and honest with each other because the survival of a marriage is based on trust, without the elements it is doomed to fail. Both should have an honest, open discussion about each other.
  • Discuss goals, desire, ambition every single thing along these lines, so that after the marriage none of you will venture in different, direction because goals are not being met.
  • Make a decision and a sealed agreement as to the total amount of offspring that you both wish for from the marriage.
  • Get to know each other your spouse to be friends and associate so that there is no dislike for the company each of you keeps after the marriage.
  • To be safe than sorry, In some case it is a bit easier to take a trial to see if you both are really for each other by living together for a year and if it don't work, then both of you were not meant for each other in the first place.

Marriage requires a lot of patience, self-sacrifice, responsibility, and both couples should enforce these rulings in action with their lives together. To be happy even after with each other is a choice that couples need to make. They should work toward being in love with each other over and again and always with the same person.

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly," - Sam Keen


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