Make A Checklist For Forklift Hazard Control.

Make A Checklist For Forklift Hazard Control.
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13 October 2022

You've got a big job to do, and you need a Forklift hire Campbellfield to get it done. But what's the first thing you should do before getting one? Check out these tips for making sure your job site is forklift-friendly, ensuring that all operators are properly trained, and keeping your machines in good working order with proper maintenance.

Make sure your job site is forklift friendly

The best way to avoid accidents is to ensure that your job site is forklift-friendly. In addition to the general rules of safe operation mentioned above, you should also consider these things when operating a Forklift hire Campbellfield in tight spaces:

  • Give yourself enough room to turn around safely, even if it means moving some equipment out of the way. It's better to ask for help than try and squeeze through a small space on your own and risk damaging equipment or hurting yourself in the process.
  • Make sure there aren't any obstacles or low-hanging objects near where you're going before operating your forklift. This includes other workers or pedestrians who could get caught underneath if distracted during their walk through an area where you're driving around with a load on board.

Make sure your job site is forklift friendly

Ensure ALL operators are properly trained

Ensuring that all operators are properly trained is important. It's not enough to simply provide training for employees; you must ensure that the training is relevant to the job they're doing, and done by an accredited trainer.

Keep your forklifts in good working order with proper maintenance

To ensure your forklifts are in good working order and that you can operate them safely, it is important that the following checks are performed regularly:

  • Make sure that the brake pedal feels firm when pressed. If it moves slightly from its original position, this may indicate a problem with the hydraulic pressure or worn brake linings.
  • The forklift should not be able to travel faster than 5mph when travelling straight ahead without any weight on board (no load). If they do so, then there may be a fault with the steering system or suspension parts such as wheels and tyres.
  • Checking oil levels is one of the most important tasks for maintenance managers to ensure that their fleet is safe at all times; this should be done every day before operating any vehicle. 
  • It is also recommended to check coolant levels weekly by using an accurate thermometer dipped into each radiator until it reaches its maximum temperature (around 120 degrees Celsius). It should never exceed 125 degrees while in use because it could cause serious damage to engine components due to heat build-up within cylinder heads.


A forklift is an essential tool for any business, but it can also be dangerous if not handled properly. If you’re looking for ways to reduce the risk of Forklift hire Campbellfield accidents at your job site, consider creating a checklist for hazard control. 

The best way to keep everyone safe is by following safety tips.


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