Lucky Orange Pricing Review: Is The Price Worth It?

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Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange Pricing Review: Is The Price Worth It?


Lucky Orange is an all-in-one conversion optimization suite that helps you understand your visitors' behavior. Thus, by choosing to use it, you can optimise your customers' journeys—including future interactions and general website operations.

The company was founded in 2010 and has been striving to improve website conversions using collective solutions like dynamic heatmaps and conversion funnels.

Moreover, Lucky Orange understands that the future of website interactions and optimization depends on having excellent analytic capabilities. Thus, Lucky Orange's capabilities are divided into web analytics and live chat.. 

I have tested out the web analytics solutions and real-time support features in Lucky Orange, and I have to say that this winning combination has helped me to

  1. Understand what is happening on a website 
  2. Conduct direct talks and resolve issues.

This is a great result, especially since having control of both will increase your website conversions.

Furthermore, Lucky Orange allows you to restrict your focus to particular user concerns. You can adjust your website with standard metrics, like drop-off rates and traffic. So you can solve specific traffic and bounce rate issues rather than general problems.

You can also use the robust analytics dashboard that users get to examine traffic sources and compare the information using elements like

  • Keywords
  • Localities
  • Language

Such information is crucial in website analytics since having a breakdown of each element is better than having a general traffic overview. Thus, changing what is not generating traffic to your website is more manageable.

Lucky Orange Features

  • Session recordings

This feature lets you observe where visitors clicked or scrolled on your website. So, you can determine what prevents them from purchasing and drill deep into a single visitor's path with session replays. 

Lucky Orange Pricing Review: Is The Price Worth It?


  • Dynamic heatmaps

Heatmaps are great for watching drop-downs, pop-ups, and hover-over menus as they instantly populate with clicks, movements, and scrolls. 

Moreover, you can see which elements of a page encourage individuals to convert and which parts prevent them from doing so. Thus, you will discover possible pain spots and issue areas and isolate specific devices, traffic sources, and visitors.

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