Lost My Car Keys And Tauranga's Mobile Locksmith Service

Lost My Car Keys And Tauranga's Mobile Locksmith Service
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10 February 2023

When you lose your traditional car key, you just call a locksmith to make a duplicate key for your car. But in some cases, you may have to buy a new ignition lock cylinder and key from the automaker as your car doesn’t accept the duplicate key made by the locksmith. Lost my car keys is a common problem that we face at some point in our lives. In such situations, you may panic or may have unnecessary tension. But if you misplace or lose your keys, don't panic because it's not the end of the world.

In the past, damaging or losing a car key was no big deal. You could install your spare key the small magnetic box attached to the inside bumper. Also, car manufacturing was not so advanced in terms of technology. Therefore, replacing a lost key wasn't so expensive where nowadays with most cars using the latest technology this can become quite expensive.

Types of Car Keys in use these days 

  • Traditional keys ( Mechanical keys) 
  • Fob keys 
  • Transponder keys 
  • Smart keys  

Losing traditional keys 

If you own an old car using traditional (mechanical) car keys, then you just have to put it in the ignition and turn it on to start the car. If you lose the key in the when out and about these basic keys are no big deal and easy enough to cut a replacement.

Losing the Keys with Fob

A little advance in technology has added a key fob to the car key, making locking and unlocking the car very convenient. If you lost only the fob, then you can open the car with the key and can buy the fob later. But if you lose the key, you have to look for the nearest locksmith to make a duplicate key with the right machines and hardware to program a replacement car key fob.

Losing the Transponder Keys

This type of key comes with a built-in chip that sends a signal to the ECU to turn on the car's engine, making it a little more technologically advanced. If you have lost your transponder key, you can always contact a locksmith who has extensive experience in handling such keys.

Losing the Smart Keys 

The latest car key is the ‘Smart Key,’ also called ‘Keyless Ignition.’ This key works with proximity sensors to unlock and power your car with the push of a button. If you lose this key, you have to get a new one from the nearest company only if they specialize in this technology, as time goes on not everyone does.

Keys4Cars is Tauranga's leading mobile locksmith service. This is your one-stop shop for car key and remote key service. This local car key soecualists provides mobile locksmith services locally and throughout New Zealand. It offers the widest range of late model key replacement services out of anyone and come to your location, where ever you might be. Lost my car keys? Just call its customer service line in 0800 288653. Their technicians will get to your place on time. This mobile locksmith service is equipped with advanced locksmith technology and car locking and can provide sophisticated and affordable lock services.

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