Legend of the ring

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The three troops were expanded, and the officers had to be replenished in time. Next, they began to hand in the list of vacancies for your majesty to appoint. Wang Tian had already decided on the candidates. He opened the personnel list and asked Hadow to read them out one by one. The matter is settled. The commander of each division shall be responsible for receiving the rank, and the commander of the logistics division and the reserve division shall have the rank of Major General, which shall be given to them separately by Wang Tian himself. This is the rule, the general, the major general above is appointed by the emperor himself to take effect, that is, honor, but also the trust of the emperor. After dealing with these matters, Wang Tian announced the end of the meeting. The people who accepted the task immediately dispersed after raising their hands neatly. Wang Zheng also went out with Wang Long, and Dipu, Dikai and Baku were left behind by Wang Tian. After I leave Pangu, this place will depend on you. Wang Tian said to Dipper and Dikai. Look at Baku: "You will go back to arrange those things at home, pack up and go with me.". Remember, four at the most. If you have more, you don't have to go. Relying on the two-handed skills refined from Tianyuan, Baku developed a unique way to use it in that place, and found that the effect was very good. There were more than 20 backyards, which was the most indiscreet one in personal life, or where to receive the landlord, Wang Tian was not in charge of it. All right. Your Majesty, I will be properly placed. But, Your Majesty,Serum Bottle With Dropper, can you raise the number to eight? I'm afraid it's not enough! Baku said with a bitter face, but the eyes with a smug smile betrayed him. Go to hell Wang Tianhe couldn't help but Dikai gave him two middle fingers. When I went to Xuanwu this time, I took six regular divisions with me, and four border guards also had tasks, so the domestic protection force was less. I've already made plans for that. The first is to start eliminating the hidden dangers in the country. Dikai, you are responsible for it. I have 5,000 people this time. You add them to the four departments that Dika is responsible for, and find someone to take care of them. Needless to say too much, Dikai knew who was coming with the tetrarch this time, they were all the hope of the Qinhun clan, and Dikai nodded mercilessly. Second, the Warlord ships in charge of reconnaissance have returned 4, Oil Dropper Bottle ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale,000 ships, and the condensing light radar system has been unloaded at the base. I'm going to give it to Dibin to take charge of this force. You can find someone to take charge of his work first. This mobile unit is temporarily organized into the 7th Division, and after replenishing Wang Hu and Wang Bao, it will be replenished first, 50,000 ships. I think, with this team, it should not be a big problem to defend the whole territory of Pangu. Wang Tian finished looking at Dipper. Deep was ready to open his mouth when Wang Tian wanted to pull out six teams and send out four border guards, but Wang Tian stopped him. Now this remark is also a disguised explanation for him. Your Majesty's arrangement is very appropriate, so I can rest assured. Said the relaxed Dipper. Four thousand battleships are enough to handle any emergency. Fifty thousand is more than enough. Wang Tian's trust in the Di family is unparalleled. Di's family is full of dukes. Dip, the third-class Duke, Dikai, the second-class Duke, Dika, Dibin, and Dilu are the third-class dukes. Nancy also gave a first-class Duke Dangdang. She also made great contributions in medicine. Wang Tian tied them up into a family and made four of them the adopted sons of Dipper. All five of them were overjoyed. At the same time, they also wanted to create a rich and powerful family to attract the people's attention: Look, as long as you are sincerely loyal to Your Majesty, Your Majesty will trust you without any doubt and entrust you with important tasks. The Di family is the largest family outside the royal family, and has become a model of loyalty, which can better guide the people's loyalty to the emperor. The Di family is also prosperous now. All Di people are married and have children. They have a lot of sons and daughters. Di Bin is the most powerful. He has seven sons and five daughters. Who let him take two wives and give him babies. Dipper did not let his four adopted sons be proud alone. Nancy brought him a son and a daughter, which was a miracle. With Nancy's absolute age of nearly 180, she could still have a second spring. What else was impossible. When Wang Tian heard the news, he wanted to give her the title of a heroic mother, but was finally stopped by Ollie. Analyzing the reason, it was that the elixir given by Tianyuan had the effect of restoring the body function. After that, Wang Tian put his idea on Master Tianyuan and his disciples: old monsters of tens of thousands of years old can all be classified as fossils. Do they still have that kind of ability? Thinking about it makes Wang Tian more interested. For the sake of this matter, Master Tianyuan and his four disciples hid from Wang Tian for a whole year, and finally let him forget about it. Now who mentioned it again in front of the four people. Be in a hurry with someone. Wang Tian also told Dipper to go to the Nuwa base to tow back the people's livelihood equipment and the reserve of the warehouse star to grasp these trifles. Therefore, the division will also go to Xuanwu in a few months and separate a 200,000 ship for him to use. If it is not enough, Dipper will think of a way by himself. After sending away Dipper, a busy man, Wang Tian told Dikai about the Qinhun Military Academy on the No.1 planet of Nuwa Base, and asked him to bring out a group of trained people to receive actual combat instruction in the following time. The whole Tianlong Kingdom took action, because it was a secret military mobilization and could not be known without a higher status. The public only felt that the level of communication between the patrol teams had dropped a little, but because Tianlong itself was extremely safe, no one would panic about it. Apart from leaving about 20% of the troops in charge of their respective jurisdictions, the other four border guards all went abroad for reorganization. After gathering together, they conducted an overall exercise. After the emperor saw the results of the exercise,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, he issued an order to set out. They are followed by the Royal Chamber of Commerce's transport and engineering teams, whose purpose is to go wherever they go. Where to build. Conquer a piece, take over a piece. penghuangbottle.com

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