Learn more Elizabeth Jasso: Missing woman found, say Baytown police [Latest News]

Learn more Elizabeth Jasso: Missing woman found, say Baytown police [Latest News]
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14 September 2022

Elizabeth Jasso, reported missing on August 5 by her family, was located, authorities in Baytown, Texas report. As per ABC 13, Jasso was found on August 10 and is now in safe custody. Jasso's family and Police have confirmed that Jasso, 31, who was missing since August 10, was not pregnant and made false claims that she believed she was pregnant with twins.

"Officials from the Baytown Police Department confirmed to ABC13 that Jasso was seen with detectives around 1.30 p.m. Wednesday. They claim she's secure; there was no crime or foul play, and she was not pregnant at the time of her disappearance." ABC 13 reported.

Baytown Police said in a statement that they are investigating Jasso's disappearance as a missing person; however, the Police believe that she may be experiencing an illness or mental health. The 31-year-old Jasso was the last person to be seen in her 2017 white BMW sedan, registered with a Texas registration number NZK4426 Police said. Baytown Police asked anyone with information to call investigators at 281-427-TIPS.

The news quickly went viral via social websites after Jasso's mother-in-law asked for help locating Jasso in a deleted Facebook post and claimed that Jasso had been pregnant for 40 weeks. ABC 13 interviewed relatives worried about Jasso's health and her twins. The family later admitted that they learned that Jasso was not likely to have been pregnant, as per ABC 13. The case continues to garner attention online due to those twists and twists. A Facebook group discussing Jasso's disappearance has over 22,000 people in it.

"To me, it was an epic novel. It was a Lifetime film," Victoria Cruz-Ramirez, Jasso's cousin-in-law, told ABC 13. "I think if she is in the news, I'm sure you're OK. I'm hoping you're fine. However, I hope you're assessed in some way. Her family will evaluate her for everything that is going on. What she's going through."

1.Jasso Vanished on the Day She Had Said She Was Going to Be Induced

Jasso, also known under the name Liz Jasso and whose maiden name is Elizabeth Cano, went missing on the day she announced she was scheduled to be induced to twins. She posted on Facebook on August 4: "Y'all pray for this girl... Inducement scheduled for tomorrow to bring our boys into the world ." She was announcing to her family that she was due to be induced at 10:30 a.m.

On August 5 the day that she last saw, she uploaded an image of her husband's grave. She wrote, "My heart is full of happiness and sadness. I can only imagine your beautiful smile as you rock into heaven, but it's here, and I am sure your spirit is ablaze all around me. I can assure you that Cash & Royalty will know the great thing you did. ....I am forever in love with you, pendejo."

Based on ABC 13 News, Jasso's mother-in-law, Blanca Gonzalez, said she filed a missing persons report following Jasso's disappearance before her hospital appointment. Rubio informed the station that they last spoke on August 4. "I had spoken with her on Wednesday night and said, "Little Mija, I'm waiting for tomorrow's date. Don't let them be babies until I'm home. '"

Gonzalez informed the news agency that Jasso was reported missing from her home the morning of August 5 without the bag she packed to go into the medical facility. The bag was parked right next to her entrance, Gonzalez said. "It's just, ever since, we don't know nothing," Gonzalez explained to ABC 13.

In the initial report about Jasso disappearing, Jasso's father said to ABC 13, "We're concerned. We're apprehensive about her, her safety, and her children." The mother told the news channel, "Let us know you're safe. I'm sure inside my heart that you're OK. We're all praying that you are OK."

Jasso's girlfriend, Gigi Dominquez, told ABC 13, "She's always smiling. It's hard not to notice that it is a real pain to know that perhaps... The truth is that we're thinking of the worst but hoping for the most positive outcome. We pray that someone calls or calls and informs us that we're in the hospital and the boys are doing fine."

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2.Jasso's Husband Was Shot & Killed in Baytown 6 Months Before She Disappeared & Jasso Was Last Seen at Her Husband's Gravesite

Jasso was last observed by the workers at the cemetery where her husband was buried on August 5, as reported by ABC 13. Jasso posted a picture of her husband's grave via Facebook at about 8:30 a.m. on the day. Her husband name was Milko Jasso, was killed and shot on February 17, 2021, at the time of his death in Baytown, according to an article from the Baytown Sun article of that time. Milko Jasso was 29 years old.

In the Sun report, Baytown Police Assistant Police Chief Eric Freed said the shooting occurred around 4:40 a.m. at a residence on Park Street in Baytown. The newspaper reported, "Police were called to investigate a shooting incident at the scene, Freed said, and found the victim dead, with at least one shot. An initial investigation found that Jasso began a physical fight with a woman who was 20 years old and her boyfriend of 36 years in their home. In the course of the fight, the woman took the gun she had carried and fired it at Jasso, Freed said."

The couple were detained immediately, as per the Baytown Sun report. No charges were made on February 18 2021, 2021, report, and it was unknown if they were arrested in the past. Per his obituary, Jasso had two children, a son and a daughter, from an earlier relationship.

ABC 13 reported Jasso's family and friends had gathered at her house and the cemetery after her disappearance to show support for one another.

3.Jasso's Sister & Father Told Her In-Laws That Jasso Wasn't Pregnant, Had Bought Fake Ultrasounds Online & Can't 'Evan Have Kids'

Jasso's cousin-in-law told ABC 13 that after Jasso disappeared, they found evidence of her falsifying her pregnancy, for example, by purchasing fake sonograms online. She claimed, "The sister and father said they knew she was not pregnant. They believed she was faking her pregnancy. She was unable even to have children."

Jasso's mother-in-law, Blanco Gonzalez, wrote in a deleted post on Facebook post, "I am completely lost in words about what I've found out ... I as well as my daughter-in-law has tricked my friends and family. My daughter-in-law faked her pregnancy by using fake ultrasound images, and we didn't know, given that my son passed away a couple of months ago, and she I was along with the rest of us thinking that we were awaiting an arrival date for my grandchildren. This is why Liz, If you're reading this, please thank us for waking our hopes high. I want you to return home and provide information."

Jasso hasn't been active in her photos on Facebook and Instagram since her disappearance.

Jasso's sister-in-law, Steph Cisneros, wrote in a private Facebook post that she was posting, "I'm still baffled... My email is overflowing, and I'm sorry if I've not replied to you, but yes, the family put two and two together, and yes, we know that Elizabeth Jasso faked her entire pregnancy. What we see on Facebook is negative judgements and everybody just gives their two cents, which I can understand is social media. Everybody does, but please do not forget how much this has hurt my family. We believed we would have two boys to be born and haven't even had babies."

She continued, "This has broken our hearts tremendously to everyone I haven't messaged back just know yes, we know, and we are taking it hard like we just lost my brother in February, and now it's like losing 2 of his babies that weren't even really that we all were so excited about meeting and waiting for their arrival smfh life isn't fair at all this is beyond heartbreaking.. and as for Liz I hope she returns safely and gets the help she needs cause this is an illness that needs attention by a therapist or hospital."

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4. Jasso Had a Baby Shower & Pregnancy Photo Shoot & often posted about Being Pregnant on Instagram & Facebook

Jasso's social media accounts show that she hosted an event for her baby and a photo shoot for her pregnancy that included a picture that her husband's death edited into. Jasso often posted via Instagram and her Facebook page about becoming pregnant following the passing of her husband. Gonzalez her mother-in-law, stated to ABC 13, "They took my son, but I was going to be blessed with two boys."

A few of her Instagram pictures show her husband's daughter with the caption, "Big Sister loves her baby brothers Cash & Royalty." The picture depicts a pregnant Jasso with her husband's daughter, who kisses her stomach. Another picture shows her at her husband's grave and the message, "I love you, hubby... Thank you for the precious blessings." The actress had an event to announce her gender in March 2021, per the photos on her Instagram.

In July of 2019 In July 2019, she posted in July 2019 on Instagram, "Happy Anniversary on our 1st anniversary year as a couple. We met 2 1/2 years ago.

Since the first day, we've been together through each of our "breakups", lol. We were already living in each other's homes on the third day. After six months, we could move into our first home together. After 1 1/2 years, I asked you to wed you. One year later, we're celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary. It's been a short and wild ride, with lots of challenges along the way. However, one thing's specific for a couple... We will be YOU and I when we're done... And I am looking forward to celebrating forever with YOU I love you! Te amo pendejo de mami."

Jasso confessed to her husband that she was pregnant prior to the time of his death. Her Instagram account shows a photo of January 22 2021 of her with her stomach on top of his head with the caption "Daddy loves the growing belly #JassoTwins."

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