Know Your Underbite Properly – The Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

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Craving for the celebrity smile is not bad, we all want to show off our sparkling smile. After all, a bright smile helps us boost our confidence and make us look better. However, a set of properly aligned teeth have benefits beyond just the aesthetics. Unfortunately, we are all not born with a straight smile and in certain cases, people struggle with severe underbite and they do not even know about it. An underbite can be natural or due to any injury. Your jaw also plays a vital role in developing an underbite, and we are going to discuss about the same in the following section.

Understanding an underbite

Underbite refers to a dental condition where your lower teeth extend farther than your upper teeth. As a result, the complete alignment of your jaw is disturbed causing your lower jaw to develop outwards further than your upper jaw. Underbite comes under class III malocclusion or it is also known as prognathism, and it also effects on your body in a minor or severe way.

Underbite and your health

Unquestionably, an underbite affects your health in more than one way. Some common symptoms include disturbance in your sleep schedule and effects on your mental health and not to mention your overall appearance. Some severe causes of having an underbite is bad breath, TMJ pain, mouth breathing, sleep apnea.

Talking about the causes of an underbite, there are multiple factors responsible for causing an underbite, and they are listed below:

1.Childhood habits may lead to the development of an underbite. These habits include thumb sucking, tongue-thirsting, and so on .

2.Genetics also play a major role in developing an underbite. The genetic decide the shape of your jaw and it is a natural process. Thus, the chances are you get an underbite due to a hereditary problem.

3.When a person has a tumor in the jawbones or in the mouth, the same can be responsible to develop an underbite. To treat the underbite in this condition, the tumor needs to be treated first.

4.You may develop an underbite if you have had a serious injury in an accident or so.

Underbite correction

Ortho in Seattle is right here to help you correct any kind of jaw problems that you are facing. There are treatments like braces or Invisalign in Seattle that helps you correct your underbite. Talk to your orthodontist and choose the right treatment for your underbite. Take our first consultation and decide after you are comfortable with our clinical settings, the experience of our orthodontist, and checking our previous success with Invisalign in Seattle.

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