kevlar jeans

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29 December 2022

Extending beyond its use as protective covering, these pants are fashionable and stylish in design. Comprising of motorcycle Kevlar jeans, denim jeans, Cordura pants and Como pants, our biker’s pants are fitted with premium features. Made from breathable fabric, you are sure to remain comfortable and un-bothered with sweat while riding to your destination. The motorcycle Kevlar jeans are reinforced with abrasion resistant material to withstand lower speed slides. Designed to meet the motorcycle pants Australia standards, our biker pants alongside the waterproof benefits are reliable motorcycle gear every rider needs.

No matter your riding position or your purpose of riding, our range of waterproof motorcycle pants, motorbike Kevlar Jeans, motorbike riding jeans and Kevlar pants ensures you have the best riding experience. Explore our range of best motorbike gear for a wonderful riding experience.

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