Is Saudi Arabia safe for women?

Is Saudi Arabia safe for women?
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Restrictions on the movement of women and freedom of speech do exist in Saudi Arabia. But when it comes to safety concerns, women are safe in Saudi Arabia. Millions of women visit the KSA for performing Umrah through Umrah Packages from UK. They are given preferential treatment in shops, stores, or malls. You can even walk in the streets at any time of the day and feel safe. Saudi Arabia is one of the safest countries to live in. The crime rate is low. As long as, you dress modestly and cover yourself, obey the law and respect the culture you are safe and secure.

Can females work in Saudi Arabia?

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has brought many liberal changes in the life of common women. From allowing them to drive to hiring them on jobs, they have changed the ideology of being a woman in Saudi Arabia. Recently, the ministry has introduced women's jobs in parliament as well as healthcare. They have also allowed the women to do jobs without the consent of their guardians. Now, females can work wherever they want but there are specific criteria that need to be followed.

  • There must be separate bathrooms for female
  • They should take care of the female comfort and security system.
  • There should be private lunchrooms for girls, where they can pray as well.

Companies who fail to follow these rules regulation can face a heavy penalty as a punishment.

Is it safe to drive in Saudi Arabia for women?

Yes, it is, you can drive safely in Saudi Arabia the road is well maintained and best of all, King Salman has allowed the female drivers to drive cars. According to the new law, a female can drive but she should have a legal license for it.

Can I travel from a taxi being a woman?

Yes, you can, it will be a safer choice than walking alone. You should approach a taxi while going to an office or shop, even best, if you have a car. The authorities have recently allowed the female to drive cars. It won't only save your time, but you will stay safer that way.

Should I wear an abaya if I am a tourist in Saudi Arabia? 

No, you don’t have to, recently the ministry has declared female tourist doesn't have to wear an abaya or cover their head as long as they are wearing modest clothes, they are good to go but make sure your knees and shoulders are covered.

Is wearing a veil on the head mandatory for women in Saudi Arabia?

For Muslim women, who are living in Saudi Arabia they must cover themselves from head to toe. As the laws are very clear and stipulated in the laws of sharia. But if a woman comes from a different country or not a Muslim, it isn't necessary for them but make sure to wear clothes that cover your shoulders and knees. Wearing revealing or vulgar clothes can put you in trouble even worse, you can be charged a heavy fine for violating laws.

How is it to be a woman in Saudi Arabia?

There are some tips and rules you must follow irrespective of your religion. Some of them are listed below.

  • Women must wear an abaya and cover their head due to the culture of Saudi Arabia. But if you are a tourist, make sure to wear modest clothes. Head covering isn't necessary.
  • There is no co-education in Saudi Arabia. Male and female both have separate Campuses.
  • Most of the offices have separates counters for men as well as women. It fastens your work. But if there aren’t any separate counters, priority is given to females.
  • Education is free for females in government colleges and universities.
  • When a woman gets married, all the expenses are borne by her husband.
  • Women should only interact with a man when it’s necessary otherwise, try to limit the time with men who are not related to you.

How is female education perceived in Saudi Arabia?

Education is considered very important in Saudi Arabia. It’s an Islamic country that supports the education of girls more than anyone. The religion believes you can't understand life in a better way without education. So, it encourages both males and females to pursue education as much as they can. But the country doesn’t support co-ed so, there are different campuses for girls and boys.

Is a woman expected to have a male guardian while moving through Saudi Arabia?

At first, it was necessary to have a male guardian while traveling for Umrah through Cheap December Umrah Packages or by asking his consent while moving through. But according to the new law, women can travel to wherever they want without the consent of their legal guardians just make sure, you are traveling to a safer place when you are without a male guardian.

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