Is Incense bad for cats

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If you are petting a cat and you give them a place to live in your home. Then at least you have a basic knowledge of cats. Do you have any cats? They are delicate animals. Cats can feel those little actions, those actions can't be felt by any animal. Every animal has their senses, but the senses of cats are too different and unique from others. A few senses of cats are stronger than a human beings. If we discuss the cat's smell power then it is strong than a human being, if you are burning different kinds of incense in your home and it can produce a little amount of smoke, which can be harmful to your cats because cats will take smoke inside through breathing, it's smell sense plays the most important role in this process. Is Incense bad for cats? The smoke of Incense can damage the breathing system of cats, it can have a heavy impact on the cat's health and they will start facing breathing difficulties because of the smoke of Incense.


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