Is Alumawood better than wood?

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When it comes to architecture, wood has been a preferred choice for ages. It was because there were no other options as pleasing and as dramatic as wood. Well, thanks to innovation and years of R&D, brands are now able to replicate the luxurious wood grain finish on other materials too. Alumawood is one such innovative material that is gaining immense popularity these days.  In today’s post, we will discuss what exactly is Alumawood and how it has replaced the classic choice of wood.


Is Alumawood better than wood?


What is Alumawood?

It is an innovative construction material that is replacing wood at a massive scale. It features the aesthetics of wood but the structures are made from aluminum. Brands implement high end manufacturing setups to maintain the robustness of aluminum construction while giving the finished product the luxurious look of real textured wood.


What are the applications of Alumawood?


Alumawood offers the best of both worlds hence it has myriads of applications. It can be used anywhere but the rust-free and maintenance free properties of Alumawood make it a suitable choice for the outdoors. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, this sturdy material offers value for money performance for a wide range of structures. The most popular applications are Alumawood patio cover and Alumawood pergola.

You can replicate the classic beam and rafter construction of wood without using real wood. There are various colors, textures and finishes available in Alumawood, hence buyers can easily find a wood-like product that complements their existing décor.


What makes Alumawood better than wood?

Alumawood has become the unrivaled hero for outdoor construction. The underlying reason for its immense popularity is that it strikes the perfect balance between durability and aesthetics. The following are the benefits of investing in Alumawood:

  • Weather-proof: Alumawood structures are basically made from aluminum which can withstand harsh weather. Unlike wood, Alumawood doesn’t rot or crack and the structure remains the same for years despite facing the harsh sun or heavy rains.
  • Termite proof: Wooden structures are now a thing of the past because there are too many downsides. Alumawood is unarguably a better choice for its termite-proof properties. You don’t have to worry about taking the extra steps to keep the Alumawood patio covers termite-free every year.
  • Durable: Alumawood is rust-proof, it is weather proof as well as termite proof. It is sturdier compared to wood, hence the lifespan is way longer.
  • Easy to install: Alumawood structures are extremely lightweight, which makes their installation very quick and easy.
  • Beautiful: It is very easy to imitate the luxurious grain finish and texture of wood in Alumawood. Hence, it gets full scores in the aesthetics department as well.
  • Maintenance free: Alumawood comes with a unique Teflon based coating system that makes the structure dustproof. Your patio covers will look new for years if you ditch wood that needs extra pampering all year long.
  • Cost-effective: If you consider the installation and maintenance charge, wood is way more expensive than Alumawood. Unlike wood, you don’t need extra funds for painting, polishing or keeping the structures termite proof.


Are there any downsides to Alumawood?

Although there are no downsides to Alumawood, some might think that the upfront cost is higher compared to wood. If you look at the bigger picture and compare the lifespan of Alumawood to real wood, you can easily figure out that the initial cost is totally worth it and it is definitely not a disadvantage.



Bottom line

The advantages of Alumawood definitely outweigh the classic option of wood for outdoor applications. If interested, you can Google “suppliers of Alumawood near me” or get a free estimate from Bluebonnet Patio Covers. They are recognized for a stunning range of Alumawood Patio covers.

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