Interesting South Asian Wedding Trends in 2023

Interesting South Asian Wedding Trends in 2023
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South Asian Wedding traditions always have some highly colorful and rich aspects in them. These are some of the most memorable ceremonies we can come across on this earth, say people who attend them. However, trends come and go and several new trends get inside these weddings. Whether modern or traditional, you must watch out for some interesting elements to include in your portfolio of arrangements while contemplating on a South Asian wedding and here are some ideas to follow.

Live entertainment
Off late, several couples are opting for fun games, some interesting public events and live music performances. These elements make South Asian weddings more memorable and enjoyable. Imagine a scene where the guests dance to the rhythms and music of live band playing some romantic themes. Being surrounded by your close friends and family members laughing and answering some silly questions at some games can be a real fun to watch.

Intimate Weddings
It is very common to see never ending list of guests at South Asian weddings. However, this trend is slowly fading away and the new generation couples are choosing to have an intimate marriage ceremony with close friends and family members. Such approach to weddings makes each aspect of the wedding ceremony exuberant and also highly personalized for the guests as well as the couples getting married. The closed and laid-back weddings of these days have a plenty of time for the guests to get involved with every fine detail and activity of the big day.

A vibrant use of RED color
In most South Asian wedding traditions, RED is considered a happy color. A lot of Asian brides take delight in choosing this vibrant color for their sarees or lehngas, the most popular traditional bridal wear. The color RED is said to represent passion, love and a new beginning. The hint of red is today spreading to the wedding themes and decors used along with the complementing accents of silver and gold.

Destination Weddings
A richly popular style of getting married is a destination wedding. Usually this approach was highly popular only across the weddings in the west, while only the elite South Asian weddings adopted this trend. Travels have become highly affordable these days and are not the exclusive domain of the rich.

Take away
Gorgeous South Asian wedding is the dream of every couple getting married. It is good to do some research with the trendy marriage traditions and choose some nice elements for the wedding ceremony in your family. To this end, you need to book experienced and reliable vendors who have the necessary knowledge, resources and connections to provide you with the best amenities and arrangements. Wedding ceremonies are once in a lifetime events and hence you must go that extra mile to plan for them in the best way with a minute eye for details. This can help create lasting impressions and make your wedding stand out from the rest.

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