Industrial Solar Power System

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Industrial Solar Power System Specification Commercial Use 20-50KW ModuleDH20KW-ONDH25KW-ONDH30KW-ONDH40KW-ONDH50KW-ON 450W Solar Panel48 Pieces56 Pieces68 Pieces90 Pieces112 Pieces Grid Tied Inverter20KW25KW30KW40KW50KW DC Cable 4mm2400 Meters400 Meters500 Meters500 Meters600 Meters MC4 Connector20 Pairs20 Pairs20 Pairs20 Pairs20 Pairs Mounting SystemCustomized for Rooftop or Ground Installation Tools1 Set Optional AccessoriesLightning protection/grounding device AC/DC Combiner box AC cable Smart Meter Note: >All of equipment has warranty. >Reliable after-sale service during warranty period, replace or repair all parts. >Product dimensions and physical appearance in this data sheet are nominal. >Pinergy Solar reserves the right to make the product changes from time to time. Product Advantages 1. Lightweight, easy transportation and installation, safe construction. 2. High corrosion resistance, salt tolerance. 3. Maximum pre-assembly, save construction time and labor cost. 4. Environmental protection, suitable for variety of geological conditions. It is durable and recyclable. 5. Many solutions to meet different customers'requirements. Detail Mounting Brackets Pitched or flat roof mounting structure. Ground mounting structure. Residential or commercial mounting structure. Car parking lot mounting structure. All aluminum structure solar mounting system. Compatible for all types solar modules. PV Cable Cross Section: 4mm2, 6mm2 10mm2, 16mm2, 25mm2, 35mm2, ETC. Rated Voltage: 600VDC(UL)/1000VDC(TUV) Rated Current 55A, 70A Colors: Black For STD, Red Optional. Lifetime: 25 Years DC & AC Disconnect Switch IP Rating: IP66 Rated Voltage: 600VDC/1000VDC Connection Type: M20, M25, MC4 Rated Current: 16A, 32A PV Tools Wire Cable Cutter & Stripper, MC3 MC4 Crimper MC4 Connectors Assembly Disassembly Tool Application Widely used in a variety of scenario: Home use, mountain areas, camping, island fishing villages, road construction, border guard posts. 1. rooftop power generation 2. grassland grazing 3. water fishing boat 4. municipal Engineering 5. farmland farming 6. camping About us Our Service 1. Visual Inspection Eye observation, preliminary elimination of defective products 2. EL Testing Micro crack monitoring, monitor Continuous line for each cell and panel. 3. Flash Testing The most rigorous test and comprehensive QC information management, ensure 3% Positive Power Tolerance 4. Pre-Packing Testing Professional technicians perform the fourth product quality inspection and secure and sturdy packaging. 5. International Certification Examining Authoritative certification companies conduct rigorous testing to ensure that product quality meets first-class international certification. 6. 25 Years Warranty Provide comprehensive after-sales, reliable technical support team, 25 years of product quality assurance.Industrial Solar Power System website:

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