Incredible Dive Sites in Sri Lanka That You Must See

Incredible Dive Sites in Sri Lanka That You Must See
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For scuba divers or people who are on the lookout for a diving course in Sri Lanka, the country is a paradise for ocean lovers. With almost 1.600 KM of breathtaking coastline to explore, there is no dearth of phenomenal diving opportunities for everyone. From those exceptional wreck dives to vibrant, healthy coral reefs teeming with life, there are ample dive sites that will impress even the most seasoned divers.

Whether you seek an encounter with the sea turtle or want to swim with a big fish or just enjoy floating with the macro critters, the diver marine life of Sri Lanka abounds in the water and it is ready to surprise you. You will not find it too hard to look for the best diving in Sri Lanka because everywhere the experience is distinct and exceptional. We can bet once you enter the calm azure waters of Sri Lanka, you will not feel like coming out of it anytime. (Although you need to)

With world-class dive sites, hospitable people, and impressive topside scenery, Sri Lanka is a worthwhile destination for any diver. Read further to find out everything about Sri Lanka’s top diving sites.

The best time to scuba dive in Sri Lanka

Diving can be done in the country for most time of the year except for monsoons, as monsoons bring high tides and it is not easy to sail through those. So, the diving activities are stopped during monsoon. Besides the rains, you will see ample opportunities to find your spectacular diving site. If you plan to travel between October and May, you must head to the west and southwest coasts. And if you plan to dive in the ocean between May through October, then the northeast coast offers the best conditions.

Here are some of the topmost dive sites in Sri Lanka:

Swami Rock, Trincomalee: It is a unique dive site and one of the most photographed in the world. The rock is not only home to the varied marine life, but it also includes large rays and schooling fish, and statues from temples that were destroyed here in the 17th century. This area has a number of dive sites and you can also spot masonry underwater.

Gorgonian gardens, Columbo: As the name suggests, Gorgonian gardens are packed with majestic gorgonian sea fans. This site has been recognized for its natural beauty and anchoring the ships here is strictly prohibited. The dive site is only recommended for certified deep divers.

So, take up the dive course in Sri Lanka, and get going.

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