In Which Type Of E-Commerce Business Your Website Comes In?

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23 September 2022

Before starting any company, you have to know in which category your business lies. It means whether your business is dealing with B2B, B2C or C2C. It is the first step you have to do before going to an eCommerce website development company in IndiaBy understanding this, you will know, how your website attracts customers to your business. Today, when anyone refers you to eCommerce, they mostly refer to you as buying and selling the product online. However, the other transactions which are done through online mediums would also be considered in e-commerce.

Many of us don't know the difference between types of e-commerce and ecommerce website types. It has a huge difference, when you have opted for the ecommerce website services, you should know the difference. 

Types of E-commerce Business models 

The eCommerce business model is depending on who is buying and who is selling. Customers of your business don't have to be always individual consumers. They can be other businesses or any government administrations. 

  • B2C eCommerce:

B2C eCommerce stands for Business to Consumer. We all are familiar with a business model. It involves retailers selling services and products directly to the end customer. It can happen online or offline and easily engages the customer. 

  • B2B eCommerce:

B2B works from business to business. As the name suggests seller provides products or services to other businesses. There would be many cases, where the B2B seller supplies the product to the end consumers would have no use. The example includes wholesale suppliers that sell products to retailers. 

  • C2C eCommerce:

This business model works in between consumer to consumer. It involves individuals selling products to each other directly. For instance, you can think of garage sales, on the internet, there are big marketplaces like eBay steamily the consumer to consumer transaction process for many sellers.

E-commerce Website 

E-commerce has a lot to offer U.S. firms that would be always interested in using the internet as another platform for exporting. Your e-commerce website services should fulfil all the necessities of your website ecommerce to make it capable. It should be 

  • Transactional site:

If you are very much into online shopping, you can be familiar with this website. The transactional site may be the electronic storefronts for catalog businesses and brick-and-mortar retailers. The transactional sites can either be hosted or on-premise, and they can conduct full end-to-end transactions. 

  • Static content site:

This site generates sales by promoting an s spreading corporate knowledge instead of facilitating the online transitions. It has similar work as a brochure, as it provides information about the product and service and further contact of information about how to proceed with a purchase. 

  • Online marketplace or an auction site:

These sites are hosted platforms that bring the buyers and sellers together to facilitate transactions. Participation on one of the sites is often providing a good way to find a custom without any expense of building a transactional website.

Final thoughts

These are the basic concepts you should know before creating a business website. I hope you are clear with the business model and understand the importance of the business website category. If you are clear with the business models and the types of websites, you will create a catchy website for your company.

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