Importance of stress management for mental health

Importance of stress management for mental health
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This article is dedicated to help establish the solid link between stress and mental health and thereby, focuses on the need to reduce stress because it is a factor of mental and emotional disbalance. This article is informative in nature and is going to help you learn more about the deep rooted and pervasive nature of stress in causing mental as well as physical issues. If you are looking for mental health counselling or for mental health services or for family counselling in Surrey, or in case you are looking for a good marriage counselling, consider Wellness Worth.

People often do not realize this but some mental health conditions such as anxiety and clinical depression are closely linked with stress. Actually, there are multiple evidences which is suggestive of the fact that when you are stressed for a prolong period of time you are susceptible to conditions such as anxiety and depression. And these mental health conditions are often extremely crippling in nature. They will not let you function properly and to your fullest of abilities and can affect your personal life, professional life and social life and can also have an impact on your health condition in general. The condition can also affect your learning outcomes, your professional outcomes and can have a severe impact on your health. There are physical linkages too of stress and physical health. For starters, stress is linked with issues such as hypertension and blood sugar issues in the human body. It is also linked with hair fall and signs of premature ageing.

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