Importance Of Air Quality Monitoring

Importance Of Air Quality Monitoring
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This article is dedicated to help you understand some of the most important benefits of regularly monitoring the air quality of the indoors of your house. We are going to see why you need to invest in a good air quality sensor or an air quality monitoring mechanism. If you are looking for air quality sensors and gas detectors, consider Control Store.

Survival of living organism is intricately related to the availability of the appropriate air. By appropriate air we mean to say that the composition of the air should is not changed. For instance, if the amount of carbon di oxide is below the requisite percentage in the air or atmosphere, it will set into motion a process of global freezing. Similarly, plants need carbo di oxide for survival. At the same time an increase in amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere sets in global warming, and a host of other calamity causing global climate changes.

Hence, the composition of air is not to be affected. The composition of air is something as following:

- Oxygen: 21 percent
- Argon: 0.93 percent
- Carbon dioxide: 0.04 percent

There are trace amounts of:
- Neon
-Water vapor.

For survival of mankind, one needs clean and pollution free air. But modernization and industrialization for the last 100 hundred has left a terrible scar on all major aspects of the planet which majorly includes the atmosphere or the air. Today, the percentage of carbon dioxide is alarmingly rising. This is the major global concern for our generation and the one succeeding us. As we have mentioned in the paragraph above, the impact of global warming is dire and we are only beginning to feel the lashes of it.

There is an immediate impact of direct and indirect contamination of air as well. Heavy industries tend to release a lot of fumes containing high percentage of Sulphur, carbon monoxide, carbo dioxide and oxides of nitrogen. Similarly, vehicle engines which are combustion engine is also highly damaging as the amount of harmful chemicals they release in the air is massive. This result is a direct impact on the health of an individual who takes in the polluted air. The high content of sulphur and oxides of nitrogen mix with water in the atmosphere and form acid rain. The acid rain damages soil, monuments of cultural value and a host of other issues such as crop damage. The presence of particulate matter (PM)2.5 and particulate matter (PM) 10 in the air and its inhalation by human beings is extremely harmful to the respiratory system of the human beings. It can even cause cancer if exposed to PM 2.5 for a long time. 

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